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Get to Know Connecticut Angler Mike B.

I had a chance to get to know Mike B. from Connecticut. We learn about his fishing and his unusual pet. Keep reading to find out what it is.

When did you start fishing? What got you hooked on fishing?

I started fishing when I was about 8. My father fished all his life. He passed when I was 9 so me and my older brother just kept fishing. Without my older brother and uncle Jan constantly dragging me out when I was little I would have never took an interest that turned into a life long obsession.

Are you originally from Connecticut? What do you love about fishing Connecticut?

I’m originally born and raised in Stamford Connecticut. I have a love hate relationship with fishing in Connecticut. Access is tough where I live for freshwater lakes and ponds and shore access to the long island sound, it’s mostly private. I usually have to drive an hour or so just to get on the water. We do have some seriously underrated Largemouth lakes in the state that get overlooked often. I love kayak fishing in the state. It’s very productive for me be it freshwater or salt.

What are your favorite freshwater bodies of water to fish in Connecticut?

My favorite freshwater spots in Connecticut have to be Lake Waramug and Lake Manamasko. There are usually quiet areas that hold good fish. They are a bit of a drive but well worth it for the scenery and time. Getting the kayak in the water is generally easy and not too many people stack up in these lakes.

What is your favorite Connecticut species to fish for?

I really enjoy catching striped bass and bluefish. I always throw topwater plugs for these guys. There’s nothing quite like watching a 15 pound fish nailing a popper on top. If I’m freshwater fishing I love to pursue carp. These guys put up one hell of a fight and not too many people target them in the state. Many people regard them as a garbage fish but I love catching them.

mike-b-92By the way, do you really have a hedgehog as a pet? And if so, what kind of pet is a hedge hog?

Yes I really do have a hedgehog as a pet. They are generally low maintenance and very friendly. I’ve had odd pets most of my life. I had a pet pig for awhile too named Hank, Hank was the man!

Also, looks like you are in the nuisance removal business. What is the nastiest animal that you deal with in that work?

I’m not in the nuisance removal business. I drive garbage trucks for a living. Nuisance removal is almost a hobby for me. The nastiest critter I’ve had to deal with was a domesticated house cat believe it or not…that thing was trying to tear me up like you wouldn’t believe. The usual raccoons and possums I get were child’s play compared to that damn thing.

Back to fishing, kind of, you seem to be a music fan also. You just caught your personal best striped bass. What song are you rocking out to when celebrating?

Man that is a tough one but I’m always a sucker for the classics. Guaranteed I will always have Waylon Jennings cranking in my truck or Whitey Morgan and the 78’s.

What are 5 things on your fishing “must do” list for the next 5 years?

5 things on my to fishing to do list are shark fishing from my kayak. I’ve done it from boats often but I always wanted to do it from the yak.

I also want to do a New Jersey surf casting trip those guys seem to do well with Stripers.

I also want to try black drum fishing in Delaware. Those fish are big and put up a tough fight.

Another species I’ve never caught and always wanted to is Cobia. I want to make that a priority catch this year.

Lastly I want to make more time to catch Blackfish this year. I really didn’t have time last year so I want to make time this year for it. Those guys put up one hell of a fight in the rocks.

With that I really want to make more time to go ice fishing last year we barely had ice on the lakes but hopefully we will have a good cold snap this year and freeze it up.

Thank you so much Mike for giving us a glimpse of your fishing. Good luck in reaching your fishing goals.

You can follow Mike for his fishing and his critter adventures through Instagram.


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  • I remember fishing with your Dad many, many years ago up and down the Rippowam River, First day was special…. Then when that was over, we’d sneak into the Reservoir in Stamofrd and take large mouth bass ..That was our summers as kids…That love of fishing seems to be genetic… Good for you Michael.Keep it up….Your Dad is very proud of you and your brother..You look like him so much… God Bless you , you brother and your Mom…