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Flipping with Lucas Bogosian

Flipping with Lucas Bogosian

Lucas Bogosian is a New Jersey professional angler who loves to flip. We spend some time with Lucas discussing his love of this style of fishing.

How was your 2017 fishing season?

The 2017 fishing season was pretty tough for me. I had a lot go wrong from getting flats to cracking my jack plate and all in between. Just some bad luck.

There are no excuses though. I am looking forward to a much better 2018 season. Had some good finishes on the FLW side of things and just missed Costa Cup by a little. I am ready to be in my brand new Nitro z21 in 2018. Looking to straight up catch them!

My favorite highlight from 2017 was the fan base I have been starting to build. I was walking into a Bass Pro Shop a long way from my home. Someone came up to me and said I know you, you are Lucas Bogosian. The fact that I am inspiring people to chase their dreams is amazing.

What percentage of 2017 do you think that you spent flipping as your technique of choice?

In 2017 we didn’t go to that many lakes I could flip honestly! I would say I spent 5% flipping. I fished a lot of smallmouth water.

Overall, flipping is what I am best at. It is my best style. I like fishing heavy grass with holes in it with an Eco Pro tungsten weight pegged. Any tournament I have ever won, I flipped for at least 50% of the day. Flipping a big one in the boat…there is just nothing like it. You never know what’s going to come up when you are flipping that big weight around.

What are your favorite flipping baits?

No matter where I go mainly I am flipping a Venom Lures Sweet Dreams. It has been my go to bait for years and helped me get here. I like it in two colors, black and blue and green pumpkin. If they don’t hit that, you are in trouble.

What is your favorite rod/reel/line setup to flip?

Depending on the weight you are flipping, I like 6 feet 6 inch for lighter weights. For a little heavier weights, I will go 7 feet and up. The go to set up is an Ardent Apex Grand paired with a Cabela’s rod with some 17lb Hi Seas Grand Slam Select. This setup is amazing and is very light in the hand. You can flip all day with no shoulder problems. You feel every single bite and that Ardent reel is a work horse.

What are your favorite types of structure to flip?

I like to flip grass. Will also flip trees and docks but mainly grass for me.

Lucas Bogosian with Largemouth BassHow do your flipping techniques change throughout the season from spring to fall?

In the spring, I use light weight because the fish aren’t that active in the cold water like 40 degrees. I like the slow fall. I work very very slow! As the water temperatures get higher and the grass gets thicker you will see me use heavier weights.

How important is boat control when flipping?

I like the grass that I am flipping to mainly be on my right hand side being that I am a right handed fisherman. I fish slow and pick it apart. The slower the better if your are getting bites.

What are 5 things that anglers can do to be better at flipping?

#1 Don’t flip 5 pounders in the boat.
#2 Check your line every 20 flips.
#3 Make sure you have the right size weight on.
#4 Soak your bait a little longer.
#5 Choose the right color bait.

Who are your current sponsors?

B’laster – My title is B’laster. They make the famous PB B’laster. They make the best lubricants on the market. B’laster has saved me more money then you could ever imagine. Last season I blew a tire on the road. The bolts looked to be rusted shut. I hit them with some PB B’laster and the nuts came right off like butter. I fixed the tire and kept rolling.

Love their B’laster Multi-purpose lubricant. I use it on my reels and my trolling motor when it locks up on me. B’laster Multi-Purpose also works on my hot foot to make sure that it is running smooth. I don’t launch my boat without B’laster in it. I have been saved by it on the water many times.

Applebee’s – I have had Applebee’s for 5 years. I literally grow up eating my birthday meal in there every single year. Till this day I spend my birthday eating at Applebee’s. You might just catch me there after a day on the water.

Kicker Audio – I absolutely love Kicker speakers. They truly are the best speakers on the market. Even know they are new sponsor of mine, they are part of my family. The people at Kicker are so awesome. Just like all my sponsors. After a tournament you might see me blasting the Kicker Bullfrog. It is their amazing water proof speaker. It gets loud! They make speakers for everything.

Rez – This is a beverage that has zero sugar. Rez taste amazing and gets the electrolytes back in your system. I drink Rez before and after I hit the water. It keeps me fueled up especially when its super hot outside.

Frogg Toggs – Frogg Toggs truly makes the best rain gear and outer wear in the game! I love their pilot suit. Top and bottom, it has saved from being freezing cold so many times. Also keeps me nice and dry and cuts the wind. It is very warm especially if you wear their new co-pilot puff jacket underneath. I also love their new gloves they came out with. They have amazing grip! They are perfect to fish in and much more. Anything they make is top notch like all of my sponsors.

Hi Seas Line – Hi Seas has been with me for a long time. I love their line. Even though earlier I said you should not swing giant bass, I have done with there line. It is very strong and handles on your reel very well. I simply wouldn’t trust any other line. I have had fish wrap around docks and very sharp structure. The line is tough as nails.

Nitro Boats – I have been running Nitro Boats for years. They truly make the best boat out there. They are a new sponsor for 2018! My new boat comes in February. It is the first thing I have ever bought new in my life. Without Nitro and all of these sponsors, I would not be in this boat. It handles big water well. It is very comfortable. I love the layout of the boat from the big front deck to the amazing hull. There is no stopping a Nitro from getting it done!

Mercury Marine – Mercury makes the best outboard engine in the game. I wouldn’t trust any other motor. I run the thing very hard, and it never disappoints me. It always brings me home safe and sound with 5 hopefully giant bass in the live well! Don’t think twice when choosing an outboard Mercury for the win. Trust me!

Sweetwood Jerky – Sweetwood is one of my brand new sponsors for 2018. They make amazing beef jerky and meat snacks. That will help keep me fueled on tour! It truly is amazing stuff. Make sure you give it a try! It always tastes nice and fresh.

Ardent Reels – I have been with Ardent a long time. They have amazing reels at an amazing price. Ardent reels are one of the only reel companies that have a 3 year warranty! They are always growing their line of reels. They are very light and cast very very far.

Eco Pro Tunsgsten – Been with Eco Pro quite awhile. They make really nice tungsten weights for flipping. The weight is nice and compact, and you can feel the bottom very well. You know when your weight hits the bottom.

Venom Lures – Venom makes amazing soft plastic lures that I have been using for the last few years. From their stick baits to their hooks, everything they make is very good.

Zeko Shoes – Zeko makes very comfortable shoes that I can fish in. I spend hours on my feet. It is very important for me to have a good pair of shoes. They are very light and when they get wet they don’t hold water. They have vents on the bottom. So when a wave comes over my boat. I don’t have to worry about getting wet.

VFX Wraps – They did the wrap on my boat and truck. They do amazing work over there. From trucks to boats. He can wrap anything well. He will be wrapping my new Nitro z21 very shortly.

Awesome stuff from Lucas. If you like to read our first interview with Lucas where we talk the mental game of fishing, you can read the interview here. You can also follow Lucas on Instagram @bogobaits.

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