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Fishing with Walter Parker

I had the opportunity to discuss New Jersey fishing with Walt Parker. We discuss a lot of good stuff like custom crankbaits, his aluminum boat setup, Ardent Reels, iBass360 and his favorite places to fish. Thank you Walt for providing us a glimpse into your fishing.

You recently posted a pic of some custom colored crankbaits from Venutian Lures. Great looking baits! Beside how cool they look, do you feel using a custom painted bait has fishing advantages over mass produced baits?

I do believe that some custom painted and handmade baits do hold advantages over mass produced lures. The lure maker takes the time and effort to make a quality product where as a machine pumps them out. Plus it supports local and small businesses.

I really enjoy that you post shots of your catches regardless of size. Why do you enjoy fishing so much?

I enjoy fishing because it is relaxing and gives me a chance to unwind and ease my mind after working. Plus you never know what you are going to catch so there is the surprise factor that makes it fun.

What are you favorite places to fish?

Well some of my favorite places to fish are probably the Delaware river and also the Salem canal. I prefer these bodies of water because I grew up on the river and spent a lot of time fishing it so it holds a special place with me. I currently live in a very rural area of South Jersey with a lot of small lakes and ponds that offer a wide variety of fish species. What makes those special is the low amount of fishing traffic they get and the peacefulness of being on the lake alone.

What are three things you learned or improved on as an angler in 2016 that help you be more successful on the water?

3 things I picked up in 2016 would be switching over to baitcasting reels from spinning and taking the time to become proficient at using them. Also learning to use jigs and soft plastics and working on becoming a better finesse fisherman. Finally what really helped increase my fishing productivity was adding a kayak to my arsenal this year and learning how to use it to my advantage.

You are on the Pro Staff for iBass360. Tell us about that organization and why you like representing them?

IBass360 is a lifestyle fishing brand based out of New Jersey. We are a network of fishermen with members in many different states across the US. This gives us a diverse look at different techniques and areas to fish coming from other members and what’s working for them. We offer blogs and videos on the website to tips and techniques and even gear and new tackle reviews. IBass takes time to highlight its members on events they attend or standings from recent tournaments they have fished. IBass proudly supports The American Cancer Society, Autism Awareness, and American Heart Association, and makes donations as well. We also work along with other organizations like Fishing Buddies 4 Veterans, and Heroes on the water.

You also Pro Staff for Ardent reels. What are you favorite options out of their line of reels?

Probably the best part of being involved and working with Ardent Outdoors is the quality of their rods and reels. I prefer the Apex Grand baitcasters paired with the edge series rods and the Ardent C-Force spinning reels paired with a Denny Brauer rod. Also the Gliss line they offer is made with quality and definitely stands up to the challenges of fishing.

What do you think are the advantages gained by fishing Ardent?

I definitely think the advantage I’ve gained from using Ardent products compared to others is I’ve spent a lot more time fishing with quality gear then trying to get other lower quality gear replaced when there’s issues.

You were recently down at the BASS event at the Potomac. If you could fish with any one BASS pro, who would it be?

I think if I could fish with any one Bass pro it would probably have to be Mike Iaconelli. Reason being he’s local to my area and we both fish the same bodies of water. I could really benefit from learning new tips and techniques for the water I’m fishing and what baits or lures may be more beneficial for that body of water. Lastly he’s a trip to be around and a stand up guy always willing to take time to help out kids and get them fishing.

I am huge fan of aluminum boats and it looks like you have one setup nice for fishing. What are you fishing out of and how do you have setup to maximize your fishing success?

Basically my current setup is a 14ft polarcraft. I have it decked out with a 42lb MinnKota trolling motor and the boat itself is powered by a 25hp Mercury. I find this set up works well weight wise and allows me to fish lakes and also still be able to hit big water like the Delaware river and its tributaries.

Great stuff from this Jersey angler. Please check out Walter on Instagram to keep up with his fishing success.

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