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Talking Fishing with Ontario Angler James Edstrom

I really appreciate James Edstrom for taking some time to do this interview. I was really excited to talk to him about his Ontario float and fly fishing. His Instagram page is a testament to his success. What I wasn’t expecting was his answer to his most proud angler moment. It is such a moving answer and shows the depth of this fine Ontario angler. So read on to discover that answer as well as learn about his fishing pursuits.

You represent a number of companies. What can you tell us about each of the companies that you represent and why you like about each one of them?

Voodoo custom tackle. The best jigs I’ve ever used. I couldn’t be more thankful for all that Tom has done for me over the years. He’s a hard working man who would give you the shirt off his back.

Superior floats. Wes another hard working man makes some of the finest floats I’ve fished all hand made in Thunder Bay Ontario his floats are as sensitive as can be.

Fishon Energy. I wear it just about everyday it’s my style…simple and not flashy…the way I like things.

What are your favorite Ontario waters to fish and what is special to you about each of them?

I have a lot of water that I enjoy fishing but my three favorites  are Balsam Creek, the Niagara River and Oshawa Creek.

I grew up fishing Oshawa Creek and it’s always been a good place to me I have some spots on that Creek where I only show my closest friends because it’s my baby I have spent countless days walking up and down the Creek analyzing each pool, run, and pocket.

The Niagara River for its sheer beauty and monster strength it’s a challenge to any angler of any skill level.

And the Diamond Balsam Creek, I could go on for hours talking about this little gem hidden away is this small little trickle that opens up into a deep cold river  where dry fly fishing for brook trout with a 2-3 wt rod is the most fun I have ever had on a body of water. It’s where you feel like your untouchable…where you can forget about all of your worries in life and loose yourself in the enjoyment of watching that trout rise to your fly and grab it. For me there’s nothing like it. Maybe it’s just the spot. Maybe it’s just the time alone. Or maybe it’s just me but this place makes time stand still.

What is your favorite species to target?

My favorite species to target are steelhead and brook trout. The raw power of wild steelhead; the times spent with my friends out on the water; and the adventures we have gone on for this fish in all weather conditions…it’s a drug

Brookies are just unreal on 2-3wt rods  I am yet to catch a big one but hopefully that time comes soon…just a beautiful fish and getting them at my little gem makes me love them even more.

What are your favorite techniques for fishing for steelhead and brookies?

Twitching jigs under a float for steelhead is my favorite thing to do when float fishing. Simply because the strikes are so explosive unlike the soft takes that you might get when fishing beads or roe. The steelhead crush the jigs  every time.

Dry fly for brook trout. Where I fish for Brookies is deep in the bush up north…there’s a lot of bugs and good hatches going on. The surface of the water is always being broken by Brookies rising for insects so it makes the most sense to toss a dry…plus it’s awesome

How do you define a great day on the water?

Every day on the water is a great day on the water. Whether you catch 50 fish or get skunked, it’s all about the time you spend with your friends and the good laughs shared with them. Even when your flying solo there’s never a bad day on the water.

What is your most proud moment as an angler?

The day I took my daughter fishing for the first time. She was five and we went to a small pond she ended up catching 17 small fish but the look on her face after she hooked up for the first time was priceless.  And I knew right then she was hooked.  She still talks about the day she out fished me…that was my proudest moment as an angler.

What is your favorite type of whiskey after a great day on the water?

I love this question…hands down white owl. So smooth and it’s Canadian.

What are your fishing goals for 2017?

To fish as much untouched water as I can find in northern Ontario to explore the back country lakes and rivers and to make a lot of memories with good people in good places.

Ok, I have wiped away the tears that came from the answer about his daughter. Yes, I am a softy. But it is a perfect answer. Thanks James for doing the interview. Follow James on Instagram to keep up with his angling success.