Nova Scotia Bass Anglers

Fishing with Nova Scotia’s Adrienne Martin

We just interviewed Ontario’s Cara Carmichael. We now travel east to find another excellent lady angler fishing the Province of Nova Scotia. Adrienne Martin loves to fish the waters of Nova Scotia for all types of species but I love seeing the impressive smallmouth she catches and posts on Instagram. She and her husband Justin have also been fishing competitively for 3 years and love their time together on the water. So join me in getting to know Nova Scotia’s Adrienne Martin.

What is your history with fishing?

I was first introduced to fishing by my father, he took my brother and I fishing when we were young. I love spending time relaxing, fishing with family and friends, it’s a great way to catch up and reconnect. When I was in my 20’s I worked for a commercial fishing boat baiting trawl, hand and long lining. I love being on the water and being out in nature. I like the idea of being self-sufficient, living off what I grow in my garden and catch from the water.

How about competitive fishing? What do you enjoy about the competitive side of the sport?

I have been a tournament angler for 3 years. I fish CASA and Bronzeback Bassers tournaments. I consider myself new to the sport, but I love to be out on the water any chance I can get. I love the push and motivation to have your line in the water every minute you are out there. I enjoy the challenge to adapt to whatever the fishing conditions are that day.

What is your favorite tournament that you have ever fished and what made it so special?

My first CASA tournament my team came in second place on our home lake. I loved the whole experience, getting out on the water early morning and meeting the other teams that share the love of the water and the sport.

Who is Justin @jmart902? What makes the two of you strong fishing partners?

Justin is my husband. My fishing and life partner. We share the same mindset being self sufficient with our food. We are strong fishing partners because we share the love of the water and fish every chance we get together.

What is a tournament day on the boat like with both of you? 

Chaos. But it doesn’t start out that way, our tournament prep starts the night before rigging up our rods, prepping our gear and making a plan. Once our boat is in the water we start following the plan for the day and adapt to the weather or temperatures changes.

What are your favorite waters to fish? 

I love fishing our local lakes like Shortts Lake and rivers like the Stewiacke and Shubenacadie. The river fishing is often filled with lots of familiar faces and humorous bank conversations.  I love lake fishing and what comes with it, dock talk and friendly pirating of other boats. With Nova Scotia’s weather and temps constantly changing the fishing is always a fun challenge

Lots of impressive smallmouth bass on your Instagram. What do you enjoy about fishing for smallies?

Fishing smallmouth bass is always a challenge and allows you to easily spend hours on a lake trying to figure out a pattern for that day.

What are your favorite smallmouth techniques?

Wacky, creature lizard/gator and top water.  What I like about wacky is the consistent presentation to fish. I enjoy using the creature/lizard for the large size and profile and who doesn’t love top water time and the excitement of the bite.

Do you have any sponsors? 

I am not sponsored, but something I might pursue more in the future. Since gaining an instagram following, I have met some great people and got to try out some quality products. This summer Wet Sounds New Zealand Marine set me up with some great LED lights to our boat. They create a vibrant glow to illuminate your evening and night fishing or just to create a nice atmosphere to be with friends on the water, love them.

I also hooked up with some great Striper Candy bucktails handmade by McDermott @derms11, I am looking forward to getting them wet this spring. I love the lifestyle brand and the quality products from Bass Brigade, they just dropped a Lady Brigade clothing line, which I love!

Justin is a pro staffer for a few companies, so I get to access great products with him all the time.

Thank you Adrienne. Love your passion for the sport of fishing. Very excited to follow Justin and your success in 2017. 

For more on Adrienne, check out her Instagram page.