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I discovered CT Outdoors cruising YouTube one day. First thing I noticed was the use of big swimbaits for Northeast bass. I soon took a look at the many videos this young angler was putting up. A lot of great stuff that I definitely wanted to let the readers of Dock Talk 365 know about. Zachary Nordstrom is the talented fisherman behind CT Outdoors. I appreciate that he took some time to share what he is up to and some of his favorite fishing techniques in this interview.

Lets start with some tackle discussion. I noted that you are using some big swimbaits for largemouth. This isn’t exactly known as a Northeast technique. How are you fishing swimbaits?

I agree big swimbaits aren’t a northeast tactic and that’s exactly why I use them. I’ve seen big bass searching the flats looking to spawn and they wouldn’t eat a jig, worm, fluke, or even a drop shot but as soon as you throw a big bait they swallow it. My favorite swimbaits have to be a Spro BBZ-1 6in in a wicked perch pattern I caught my personal best bass on it…6 pounds 5 ounces…and a Jackall Gantarel. I like to throw these baits mainly in the pre and post spawn time period and anytime bluegill are on beds, bass seem to feed on these bigger baits more often during these times of the year.

The jig also seems to be a “go to” bait for you. What do you love about fishing jigs?

I love fishing jigs! The way you feel a fish eat a jig is amazing. I love the big thump and just setting the hook into a good fish. I love fishing a jig because it produces big bites and you can fish it in some nasty stuff such as big brush piles. My favorite jigs have to be a NuTech and a Booyah Baby Boo jig. I have the most confidence in those two.

Can’t forget about your sponsor Creme lures. What are some of your favorite plastic baits from this company? And what conditions do you feel each of them excel?

Yes I’m a big fan of Creme Lures. My favorite baits would have to be a the original Creme Lure Scoundrel and the Same Thing Craw. The Scoundrel excels in warm weather in my opinion. When the bass aren’t active the Scoundrel on the back of a shaky head or drop shot will allure fish. The Same Thing Craw excels during the spring on a back of a jig and works well for flipping. The large claws put off lots of action when stroked.

Lets talk some about locations. What do you consider your home waters and what makes each of them special to you?

I consider really any water in Litchfield county to be my home water. The main bodys of water I fish are Bantam Lake, Naugatuck River, West Hill Pond, and a few other small ponds. These bodies of water are special to me because I learned how to fish and developed as a angler on these lakes, rivers, and ponds. The scenery is beautiful and each body of water has its own characteristics that make it special like West Hill is deep and clear while Bantam is muddy and shallow. These different conditions allow you to hone your skills as an angler.

I see you fish Lake  Winnipesaukee in Pennsylvania. What do you consider the keys to success for catching Winni smallmouth?

Winnipesaukee is truly an amazing fishery. I think the key to catching those beautiful smallmouth is finding the right rock structure. The whole lake is rock but there’s certain kind of rocks they like, a good mix of large rocks and small pebbles where smallmouth spawn is where I would catch most of my smallmouth. Islands like 6 Mile have the best conditions in my opinion.

What kayak are you fishing out of?

The kayak I fish out of is a Future Beach Angler 160. I really enjoy fishing out of it, The kayak tracks well which is good for these larger bodies of water up here. There’s lots of storage options and is pretty roomy. I’m very satisfied with my small investment. The kayak allows me to access smaller bodies of water and is more economical for a young angler like myself.

How would you rate your 2016 season?

My 2016 fishing season has been a complete success in my opinion. I’ve caught countless big fish and I’ve traveled across the northeast to fish locations such as Cape Cod and Lake Winnipesaukee. This season I’ve learned many new techniques and have just become a better angler in my opinion. I feel I’m more persistent than in recent years. The year has been lots of fun…this had to be my best year of fishing to date.

What are your plans for CT Outdoors on YouTube for 2017?

My plans for CT Outdoors in 2017 is gonna be big. I’m gonna be producing higher quality content. I’ve improved my editing skills and plan on growing more. I know this year many of my videos have had the same theme but in 2017 I plan to grow as an angler and go adventure to different bodies of water to experience more of the Northeast’s waters. As I view it now 2017 has no limits.

When you get to know talented anglers with great passion for the sport, you know they are speaking truth when they are viewing the future with no limits. I will be following along to see everything 2017 has in store for Zachary and CT Outdoors. Find him on Instagram and YouTube.

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