Indiana Bass Anglers

Fishing with Indiana Bass Pro Ronnie Getz

Today, we talk to Ronnie Getz. He is an Indiana bass pro who gets to fish all around the country and competes at some of the top levels of the sport. Ronnie shares with us his journey as well as some of his places to fish.

How long have you been fishing?

I began fishing about the age of 4. Living in Florida at the time we fished a lot of canals and lakes around the Orlando area. We moved to Indiana when I was 7 and I continued to fish local farm ponds and the Whitewater River. Growing up we would take a yearly trip to Ontario Canada where we would catch Northern Pike. 

When did you decide fish professionally?

I decided to fish Professionally about 2010. After fishing a team series with a family friend, moving to fishing as a co-angler in the Toyota Bassmaster weekend series and also as a co-angler on the Bassmaster Open Tour, I decided to move to the front of the boat and step into the ranks as a Professional  Bass angler.

I think a lot of people have the dream of fishing at a pro level. How hard is it to fish at the pro level?

Fishing at the Pro level is definitely a challenge. With the way that the Bass fishing has grown not only on the tournament trail, but in High Schools and Colleges, the level of talent is by far at the top of any sport.

I began my journey as a Pro with little sponsorship support. Fishing at the Pro level takes not only a lot of time but also you need good financial support. I am fortunate to have the support needed to continue fishing at the Pro level. 

The rewards to me as a Pro angler are many. Fishing against the top anglers in the sport and becoming not only competitors but close friends as well is truly remarkable. Every tournament is a learning experience. Getting to fish on top lakes in the country and traveling from state to state seeing the country and meeting new people along the way is the greatest reward. 

You are from Indiana. What are your favorite Indiana bass waters to fish?

My Indiana home lakes are actually small in numbers. Brookville, Monroe and Patoka lakes are the top three that I fish the most. If I had to pick my favorite Indiana lake it would be Patoka. Fishing at Patoka always turned into a family camping trip. 

I know you also fish Kentucky Lake. What makes this one of the top bass fisheries in the Country from your standpoint?

I began fishing Kentucky Lake when I began fishing the Toyota Weekend Series. My fist tournament there I was able to cash a check with a sixth place finish.

Kentucky Lake has every thing you could ask for. Between ledge fishing, dock fishing, sight fishing, fishing from one foot of water to forty or more feet you always have the opportunity to catch a trophy. The lake has gotten tougher to fish with the Asian Carp seeming to grow in numbers, but it is still a great fishery.

You have been able to fish lots of places. Beside those already mentioned, what do you consider your favorite bass fishery?

Choosing my favorite fishery is a tough one. I have been fortunate to fish so many different lakes with so many different outcomes. I love to be on the water, so every lake that I can fish is a blessing. I would have to say that any lake in Alabama would rank at the top. 

What bass fishery do you consider your nemesis?

The lake that I can truly say gives me the most trouble actually isn’t a lake at all. The Ohio River system has been a true nemesis. Even with a second place finish in the American Bass Anglers division, the river is always ever changing and making it very difficult to pattern fish. 

What are you future goals as angler?

My future goals are to continue to stay healthy enough to continue to fish at the Pro level for many years to come. As a full time career Firefighter and Paramedic I do everything I can to stay healthy.

Of course every angler wants to win the next tournament or the their first big tournament. My ultimate goal is to make it to the Elite Series, and in order to make that dream come true I spend as much time as I can on the water in the attempt to make my self a better angler.

Who are your sponsors?

I am blessed to have Associated Scales as my title sponsor. Mike Seifke and his staff are truly family to me. Jonathan Creek Outfitters, Mama Nancy Cabs, TH Marine, WOO Tungsten weights, Fitzgerald Rods, Viscous, and Nines Optics are my other sponsors. It is my honor and pleasure to get the opportunity to promote all my sponsors while traveling across the country. Getting the word out about the great products that my sponsors have to offer that I truly believe in.

Thank you Ronnie! Will be following all of your tournament success at