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Learn about great fishing vacation destinations from other anglers throughout the United States and Canada.

Ben Scriver with an Ontario Muskie

Ontario Musky Fishing with Ben Scriver

In this interview, we discuss Ontario musky fishing with Ben Scriver. Ben is an avid musky hunter from Ontario. He breaks down his favorite places to fish and techniques to use for catching these big predators.

Sam Scott with a Big New River Musky

Virginia Kayak Muskie Fishing with Sam Scott

Sam Scott loves kayak fishing. Sam Scott also loves musky fishing. Put those two things together and you will surely find Sam with a big smile and most likely a big musky. Sam discusses his Blue Ridge Musky guide services and his pursuit of Central Virginia musky.

tim lyons fishing

Fishing The Miramichi River with Kids

The Miramichi River in New Brunswick is a world class fishery. But its waters can be tough for even the most seasoned of anglers. Tim Lyons is teaching his young son Hunter to fish these waters. His advice about introducing his son to Miramichi River can help all of us introducing our children to our favorite waters.