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Fishing the Gouin with Jenn Cutnam

I first noticed that Jenn Cutnam fished Quebec’s Gouin Reservoir. The Gouin is a favorite fishing destination for walleye and northern pike anglers in the Northeast. Then I noticed that she has quite the diversity of fish that she catches. Living now in British Columbia, she also fishes for trout and has some awesome giant sturgeon pics. Most importantly, Jenn is always smiling showing off the love she has for fishing. So appreciate that Jenn took some time to fill us in on her fishing, provide advice on fishing the Gouin Reservoir and let us know about her upcoming dream fishing trip in 2017.

I love the fact that you are always smiling in your fish photos. What do you enjoy so much about fishing?

Fishing is the one thing other than animal rescue that I take the time to do for myself that takes me away from every day life and its stresses. It brings me to my calm place! Nature, the water, the air and outdoors are what make me smile! And lets face it the tug is the drug, no one can argue that! A nice fight on the water who can ask for a better way to spend the day, right!

When did you start fishing? And who were your influences in getting you started in fishing?

I started fishing with my dad when I could barely walk Ii was told! He would take me to creeks and lakes and give me no choice other than to follow. Then, 20 yrs later when we reconnected our insane passion for fishing and the outdoors brought us close again. I have to say maybe it runs deep in our veins, roots are strong!

What is your favorite type of fish to target?

I have to say its hard to pick a favorite…I like trying out new things and targeting different fish depending on where I am. Living now in BC, I have to say I love trout fishing. They are so damn cute! And there are so many different ways to fish them.

Now having said that there’s nothing like the attack of bass  or pike fishing and a little top water action!

You caught a giant sturgeon on the Fraser River. What’s the fish story behind that impressive catch?

Which sturgeon are we talking about…haha! I fought a 7 footer myself to later be told 4 guys pass the rod around to land one that size, lol!! I guess I’m not one to give up. At the end I was literally using my feet to hold the damn rod up! Sturgeon fishing is fun…it’s more about socializing, having a beer and waiting for the line to hammer!

You fish the Gouin. What time of year do you go and how would you describe the fishing on your trips?

I love the Gouin. It’s my yearly trip back to visit my family. I go with my dad and uncles and a few buddies that live up there. I go up in June, and the fishing is hot. It’s a beautiful place to be, and your guaranteed some fish, whether its walleye or massive pike.

Where do you stay?

We do some serious wild camping when we go out there, so depending on the weather is depending on our comfort…haha! We are on the other side of all the beautiful cabins. We stay for a week at a time, and enjoy the peace of straight nature and no luxury. Just a tent, a truck, and rain suit!

What are 5 pieces of advice that you have for anyone considering a Gouin fishing trip?

My advice for the Gouin:

1 – Go with someone who knows the area as it is vast and looks the same, easy to get disoriented.

2 – Sometimes fancy things are overrated. Don’t be embarrassed to use a good ol’ jig n worm. So many of my friends whip out these huge boxes of gear, and who’s gettin um…? Me and my dad and his 70 year old Zebco 303!

3 – Bring all types of clothing as it can snow, hail, rain, and be hot as heck all in one day.

4 – Don’t give up as slow as it can start the fishing gets hot quick.

5 – If all else fails use thin fin lures! Those bad boys catch everything: fish, your net, your shirt, your pants…EVERYTHING!

What goals do you have for 2017 as an angler?

I will be going to Thailand for a month in Feb and am SO excited to fish some of the breathtaking species there! From arawana’s, to peacock bass, to Goby’s I want to land them allllll!

Thank you so much Jenn. Will be following on Instagram to see the results of that Thailand trip. I am sure it will be filled with a ton of smiles.