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Moira Lake Musky Caught by AMFish

Since the very start of my blogging, I have been following Billy G from Ontario. Billy has dedicated his AMFisH brand to helping others improve their fishing. We interviewed and got to know him in an interview last year which you can read here. In this one, we focus on his favorite Ontario Lake, Moira Lake. Billy describes for all of us the many fish catching reasons he loves Moira Lake.

One of your posts talked about a lake where you would love to retire with a guide service and maybe a bed and breakfast at Moira Lake in Ontario. Describe Moira Lake for those who have never heard of it or fished it.

Moira lake is my gem of a fishing lake! I have fished up there for well over 11 years now. It is a multi species lake which is what intrigues me the most. It has all the fresh water species I enjoy fishing for, all species of panfish, largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye and the top of the line predator muskies!

From stunning sunsets to local boat traffic only and to that small town friendly charm, this lake has it all! It also has various forms of water structure and habitat great for fish, ranging from rocky sandy bottom islands to deeper healthy thick weed lines. It truly is a unique fishery for all fish species to thrive. Overall lake measurements are: 8 kilometer long (5.2 miles) and 2.5 kilometer wide (1.6 miles) with and overall surface area of 827 hectares (2,043 acres) and a max depth of 36 feet (11 meters).

Big Moira Lake Largemouth Bass Caught by AMFishHow much fishing pressure does the lake get?

Moira Lake does get local fishing pressure but not in high numbers, which probably explains why the fish are flourishing. There are locals that do everything from jet-ski to drive around in their pontoons, as well as all the local fisherman that frequent the lake but for the most part it is not a massive lake so any pressure it gets is not much at all.

On average I see 8 to 15 boats on any given outing I am on, which is not much at all. There are some local charitable events like their annual police and kids fishing tournament, a few local bass, musky and walleye tournaments and even an annual boat regatta where people showcase the small watercraft they have made for the event.

Are you fishing this lake out of your Jackson kayak?

Currently I fish Moira Lake in my Jackson kayak and have fished it many years before in a couple of different boats, one of which I owned at the time. The lake is quite large for kayak fishing and getting from spot to spot does take some time, as I usually spend on average 8 to 12 hours on a fishing outing for the day with a total paddling distance of 10 to 15 kilometers (6 to 8 miles).

What my Jackson kayak provides on this body of water is the ability to stay fairly dry due to the canoe sit in style design, as well as it allows me to fish well into the cooler temperature months where a sit in style is best to keep you out of the water completely.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best, how do you rate the largemouth bass fishing on this lake compared to other lakes in the region?

Moira lake would definitely score a 9 to 9 1/2 on the largemouth bass scale! The largemouth bass population is quite healthy with a lot of smaller fish surviving and doing well. It also has a lot of good quality fish ranging from 3 to 5 plus pounds if you are lucky enough to stumble on them, which is most cases is not too difficult as there are long stretches of weedy shorelines, docks and boat houses.

What are your favorite baits on the lake for largemouth?

Top three baits for largemouth on this lake would be first a 6 inch finesse style all black soft plastic worm Texas rigged. ZOOM Bait Company is my go to for this style of worm. Second is a black and blue flipping jig with matching creature bait trailer. Strike King Lure Company is my go to jig and Berkley Havoc Craw Fatty is my trailer. Third is a chartreuse double Colorado bladed spinnerbait with a twin tail scented soft plastic trailer. I like spinnerbaits from Freedom Tackle Corp. and Strike King Lure Company and YUM twin boogie tail with red tips for the trailer.

These three baits by far have caught me the most bass on this lake and quality ones at that, which includes my biggest Canadian largemouth ever that weighed around the 7 pound mark! Keys to being successful with these baits, is listening to what the fish are telling you. They either want something simple like the 6 inch worm or something they can chase down like the spinnerbait. Fishing along all the shorelines with fast baits first is my trick, then I circle back and focus on the slower presentation baits especially after missed fish strikes.

Big Moira Lake Smallmouth Caught by AMFishOn a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best, how do you rate the smallmouth bass fishing on Moira Lake?

Moira Lake would score a 9 to 9 1/2 as well for smallmouth bass fishing. From lots of numbers to very good quality fish like the largemouth, smallmouth bass are thriving with some big beauties in the 5 to 6 pound range.

My first choice of top baits for smallmouth on Moira is an all white spinnerbait from Freedom Tackle Corp. or Strike King Lure Company with matching white soft plastic trailer like YUM twin boogie tail with red tips. The next is a lipless crankbaits like Strike King Red Eye Shad. The final one is green pumpkin blended flipping jigs from Strike King Lure Company with matching crayfish style creature baits soft plastics like Berkley Havoc Craw Fatty.

They key to being successful with these baits for smallmouth bass is finding all the rocky areas that are scattered around the various islands on the lake. Fishing around rocky sandy bottoms along some of the shorelines near cottages and docks is also a great way to find those smallies roaming for a meal.

How do you rate the walleye fishing on this lake?

Moira Lake is actually very well known for being a superior walleye fishery, as many U.S. anglers come up during walleye opener to fish for them. My rating would be 9 1/2 to 10 for this species, as there are some very big quality fish in this lake.

The key to catching them is definitely trolling around the various weed lines and larger deep water flats where they frequent with deep diving crankbaits, like Cotton Cordell Walleye Divers or Rapala deep diving crankbaits. You can also fish vertical jigging presentations like a jig head tipped with a minnow, worm or soft plastic.

How about Mr. Musky? How is fishing for these predators on this lake compared to other lakes in the region?

Moira Lake scores a 14 on the musky scale! This lake is also very well known for some BIG muskies and I seen quite a few of them during my years of fishing this lake. There are very key musky habitat areas that I have studied over the years that do hold trophy size muskies.

When it comes to baits there are many in the musky game, with my top few being big 13 plus inch trolling crankbaits like Grandma’s and Jake’s; large bucktails like Mepps Musky Marabou & HandleBarz Musky Lures bucktails; and various topwater baits with the main producer being the TopRaider by Joe Bucher Outdoors.

To be successful with musky fishing in general on Moira Lake, the only key is to cover as much water as possible and in around all the key musky holding areas with various baits. This entails casting big bulky heavy baits a few thousand times per outing in hopes that one of those many casts lands right in front of a BIG OLD musky! I typically cast as much as possible along windblown rock areas and deeper water weed lines, as well as troll some of the larger baits along long stretches of shorelines where musky have been seen.

Lastly, how about the northern pike fishing on Moira Lake?

Pike fishing on Moira Lake would get a 9 to 9 1/2 out of 10. There are plenty of pike in this lake ranging from small 12 inch hammer handle size right up to 10 plus pound and larger so there is no shortage of this predator fish swimming around. They are quite plentiful and found all over the lake in various areas, due to the very weedy habitats that exist for them to thrive.

Favorite baits for these guys ranges from lipless crankbaits lkike the Strike King Red Eye Shad, soft plastic swimbaits like Berkley Havoc grass pig, spinnerbaits like Strike King Lure Company, bucktails like Mepps and Handlebarz Musky Lures and various musky baits that the larger guys chase down.

Being successful in catching them on these baits, strictly relies on trying out all the baits I mentioned until the pike start gobbling one up. The pike in this lake are well fed as there is not shortage of forage, so it’s all in presenting something to them at the right time. The lake does have regular wind and waves so these faster swimming baits do very well, as there are not many slow dead flat inactive days on this body of water.

What is new for the AMFisH brand?

AMFisH is over 5 years now and there are a lot of things that have worked out over the years and others that have not worked out. The many things I have learned and people I have met along the way have more than made up for anything that did not work out. At this point I am looking to take the AMFisH brand in a few different directions, with a lot more involvement with charitable events and working along side more fishing businesses with respect to marketing services, video content, written content and much more.

Another Moira Lake Musky by AMFishRecently, you had one of my favorite posts on Instagram about connecting with another angler and making them smile. Why is it so important for you to use the sport of fishing and the AMFisH brand to give back to others?

Giving back is something that I believe is just part of me and always has been. In my younger years I would always find myself being presented with situations where people needed some sort of help and I was quite confused by it at the time. In my later years I realized it was much easier not to try and understand it but to work with it, which is when I knew it was one of the few gifts I had been given in my life.

I grew up with parents that were not into the outdoors too much. From the second I had watched my first few fishing shows, I knew I belonged in the outdoors to fish. For many years it was not easy having no way to get to the lake or being associated with others that fished either. So I lived fishing through watching the shows, collecting baits I could not use yet and reading fishing magazine after magazine. These were the only ways I could live fishing daily.

After this extremely long traveled road it feels mighty good to be able to share all those years of knowledge with other via my videos, blog posts and social media posts in hopes that it makes things a littler easier for those youngsters and fellow anglers who may be struggling along the way as I did. The sport of fishing teaches us so much about the importance of enjoying nature, our water ways and the fish species we enjoy catching, with one key driver that I really focus on educating other on and that is the constant learning along the way. My tag line is “Dedicated to helping you catch more fish” and I do everything I can to do that through my different forms of content.

Who are your current sponsors and how do their products make you a more successful angler?

One would think I have many sponsors for being a blogger and vlogger in the fishing space, with over 200 videos on my YouTube channel and over 1,000 written blog posts on my website, but in actuality I am not sponsored by any fishing companies or companies in general. This is an avenue that is not the easiest to come by as they need to see true value in someone, but it is on my list of things to explore as I do work with some Canadian fishing business within the marketing space through AMFisH and my core business BIG Fish Media.

This interview is  the perfect example of why AMFisH is such a great angler and educator. Thank you Billy. Visit AMFisH.ca for more fantastic fishing information.

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