Ontario Bass Anglers

Fishing with Ontario’s Kenney Murphy

Kenney Murphy with big smallmouth bass

Kenney Murphy’s Instagram is filled with big bass, especially big smallmouth bass. In this interview, we get to know Kenney and his approach to fishing some of Ontario’s big bass factories.

First of all congratulations on the new Ranger. What is it like and why should all of us be envious?

Thank you about the Ranger. Having the Ranger is kinda surreal. As a bass angler and growing up watching all the fishing shows on Saturday mornings with the pros, having those bass boats was always a dream of mine.

I wouldn’t say anyone should be envious of the Ranger because fishing is all about what you make it. For myself trying to get more involved in the tournament scene of bass fishing, this style of boat really makes a difference in being able to run spot to spot. Being able to keep lures in the water as much as possible is usually the game changer in a tournament. So whatever boat you have, make it everything you want.

First trip on the Ranger was to where? Did the fish appreciate the new boat and jump into it?

My first voyage on the Ranger was to Lake Simcoe. The fish didn’t seem to care that I got a new rig either. The boat is a huge learning curve for myself because I used to run a Deep V style boat with less than half the motor. So having a bigger boat and twice the motor is definitely gonna take some time on the water before I will feel completely comfortable.

I would also like to ask permission to call you the Smallie King throughout the rest of the interview. You seem to have a knack for catching big smallmouth bass. What are your favorite Ontario bodies of water to go after smallies?

Go right ahead and thank you but in this area there a tremendous amount of great anglers that can really slay the bronzebacks. Proof in the pudding, if anyone saw the Jack Links Open on Lake Simcoe. The winning weight cracking a Canadian Record with a bag almost 32lbs of Smallies. With second and third place also having 30lb bags.

I really enjoy fishing the bigger waters in Ontario because they tend to hold bigger fish. Being bigger lakes, there are more spots that can be discovered that aren’t so highly pressured like the local fishing holes. Some favorite lakes would have to be Lake Erie, Lake Simcoe, Georgian Bay, and Lake Couchiching. All these lakes have great amounts of bait the Smallies prey on.

How about when you switch over to largemouth bass?

Switching to Largies still means I hit all these same lakes for all the same reasons because there are giant greenbacks in all these lakes too. My PB Largie came out Simcoe.

If you would have to pick just one lake to spend a day fishing for both species, which water are you fishing?

If I were to pick one lake to fish both species I would have to pick Georgian Bay probably because of fish ability. There are always feeding fish on the body of water you just gotta find them. There is so much water out on the bay you never usually have to be fishing beside someone. Plus there are giants in both species on the lake and any cast could be a PB.

To add to the above question, I am going to only allow 5 rods on the deck with 5 different baits for the Georgian Bay. What 5 baits are your picking?

Spinnerbait, Jerkbaits, Dropshot, Senko and Jig. The key would be fishing them with confidence. Fish them around structure, weed lines and places you know hold fish. Changing cadence is always a factor so play around until you put together a pattern then repeat it until that bite dies.

How was your tournament season this year?

The tournament season went not too bad. We had two 10th place finishes on two big bodies of water against some real hammers so I was happy with those results.

I saw your recently fished with Morgan Cignini who we interviewed for Dock Talk 365. You mentioned that you learn something new from him every time out. What are the three most important things he has taught you about fishing during your time on the water together?

Morgan Cignini is very knowledgable angler who has been very helpful with pointers throughout the years. When being on the water with Morg has taught me to have a game plan, be patient and have confidence in the technique you’re using.

Who are your sponsors?

Rahfish is a great sponsor of mine. It’s a local company with a great owner that understands that being comfortable on the water helps with being confident. They have a great selection of all kinds of apparel for both guys and girls. You know the saying “Look Good, Fish Better!”

Woo! Tungsten is another great company that helps me along the way. Every angler knows that tungsten is expensive and Woo provides a great product that doesn’t cost as much. Also another local company with great owners.

Liquid Mayhem is a attractant that gives you a little bit of a edge when fishing gets tough, one little dab on a jig and make sure you have a good grip on the rod.

Thank you Kenney! Good luck breaking in the new Ranger on these big bass waters. I am sure many big Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass will be coming into the boat over the years to come.