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Fishing with New Jersey’s Eddie Kasperzak

Eddie Kasperzak with his NJ Lunker Bass
Eddie Kasperzak with his NJ Lunker Bass

I noticed Eddie Kasperzak had a great start to his 2017 tournament fishing season on his Instagram account @acroeddie. So I reached out to talk fishing with Eddie. You also may be wondering where his handle comes from. Keep reading to learn not only about Eddie’s fishing talents but his acroyoga skills as well.

You recently posted about your dad sharing the passion of fishing with you. What are some of your earliest memories of fishing with your dad?

Earliest memories would be me spending pretty much all summer long at my grandfather’s cabin in upstate New York. I grew up trout fishing the streams and rivers up there. He taught me where the trout like to hang in the deep pools in the streams. We would walk the streams up and down all day long. It’s special to me because we still fish together to this day. But now it’s on my boat bass fishing, where he has learned a lot from me…lol!

Eddie Kasperzak fishing with his dad

Eddie Kasperzak Fishing with His Dad

You have children of your own. What are the lessons about life from fishing that your dad taught you that you now would like to pass on to them?

Patience!!! Fishing is all about patience. Keep on casting. Just like in life you need a lot of patience. And if you fail with something, you keep on trying just like you need to keep on casting to catch a fish

Back in August you posted about your hot start to the 2017 tournament season. How did the season end for you?

This was one of my best tournament seasons! I ended up winning Angler of the Year in my bass club as well as lunker largemouth of the year with a 5.96lb largie. As far as the end of year, not so good. The final event I didn’t manage 1 keeper and our club classic, the same, not 1 keeper…just a few shorts. Somewhat disappointed in myself but that’s fishing…you have good and bad days

What were your biggest keys to your success this year?

3 big keys were fishing slower. I’m a power fisherman, but I slowed down a lot this year and worked areas more thoroughly. Fished my confidence baits and didn’t switch rods like crazy. Once I caught a fish on a certain bait, I stuck with it for awhile and even sometimes the entire tournament. More patience and confidence flipping creatures and jigs too. I think all that above was critical this year for me as I noticed a lot of guys moving faster along the banks while I worked them a lot slower

What was your best tournament of the 2017 season?

I wouldn’t say it was my best but I have to mention our first event Merrill Creek Reservoir. Definitely not my favorite place to fish as I’m more of a shallow water angler. In this lake, you usually need to fish deep!

This was our first event of the year with cold water temps in the mid to upper 30’s. I had one game plan, 2 areas I planned on fishing, and only two baits, a jerkbait and a Binsky blade bait. Sure enough my first spot on like my 3rd or 4th cast I caught that near 6lber on a deeper diving Pointer 78. That was the only bass I caught that day. It was good enough for 2nd and lunker of the day. It also ended up as lunker of the year largemouth. I never do well there so to get a pig in the boat early was great for me

What lake do you consider your home body of water?

My favorite New Jersey lake is Pompton Lake. It has changed a lot over the years as they are now doing some dredging to a few areas in the lake. But overall it’s a phenomenal fishery. Just need to learn it and put your time in like any lake you fish.

But the lake has it all…pads, weeds, slop, laydowns, docks, rock & a good population of quality bass. You need to give the lake a chance. Some guys love it and some hate it but it holds good fish!

It’s a good topwater lake buzzbait, frogs etc. The smallie population is getting better from them coming down the Ramapo River but largies still outnumber them.

You don’t need to beat the banks to catch bass. There are plenty of weeds to flip offshore and even some wood. It’s also a great jig lake. Pompton Lake is not a huge lake but has some vices as well so it fishes bigger than it is. Lastly the good ole senko will definitely put bass in your boat there.

Eddie Kasperzak with a Lake Champlain Largemouth

Eddie Kasperzak with a Lake Champlain Largemouth

It looks like in June you took a trip to Lake Champlain. How was the fishing?

Champlain is always fun. Planning on going there again next year with my buddy. The fishing was good like always but this season a little slower than past years. I believe we missed it by 2 weeks as water temps were still on the cooler side than past years.

Best moments of trip was finding a small cove that held some good chunky largies. We even saw them making beds. Also just fishing all day and night with my best friend who I grew up with basically all my life, I’m 42 now. We grew up on the same street together. So it was just fun to hang and BS together all day and fish.

I see that you do yoga. Do you think yoga impacts the way you fish?

Yes my wife, Laura, is a yoga instructor. You can find her on Instagram at @laurasykora. She wanted me to get certified in Acroyoga so we went to Bali together for 2 weeks to get certified with an intense training. At first I said to myself it’s yoga, how hard can it be? As I grew up a big athlete playing pretty much every sport…football, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, etc. I’m very athletic and competitive.

But I was wrong. Yoga is no joke! I also didn’t know there was so many different types of yoga. My wife teaches Vinyasa, which is a lot of body movement.

I wouldn’t say yoga had helped me fish better but it does help! When you fish all day, your back and body gets banged up especially in rough waters. Yoga will absolutely help. Yoga keeps your body loose, relaxed and stretches out muscles. Yoga is a full body workout for sure!

Who are your fishing sponsors?

Sponsors are Keitech, Fish Sense Lures, Powerteam Lures, Eco Pro Tungsten, just to name a few. I try to tell our members to support our sponsors as much as possible. Everyone knows there are thousands of bait companies out there but I just tell my members let’s support our guys as much as possible as they donate stuff to our club for our end of the year party that we raffle off.

Thanks so much Eddie and congrats on the great fishing year. I have to say though that words don’t describe the talent that Eddie and his wife have at yoga. So, I will leave you with a photo that shows off their abilities. Truly amazing!

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