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2016 Has Been A Good Year: Fishing New Hampshire with Loren Smith

Loren Smith is a New Hampshire angler that had a lot going on in 2016. He got engaged. He won his first fishing tournament. He fished a ton and caught a lot of big bass. Loren fills us in on all these aspects of 2016 and gives a sneak preview into what his goals are for 2017. Thank you Loren for the interview that fills us all in on New Hampshire fishing.

First of all, congrats on your engagement. When are you getting married? Will you fish on your honeymoon?

Thank you! We have been together for 8 great years and engaged for one year. We will be getting married next year August 2017. We will absolutely fish on our honeymoon, we have plans of spending time in both Alaska and Hawaii. So species may differ a little from what we typically fish for in New Hampshire! And not only will we fish on or honeymoon, I have plans to fish on my wedding morning with the guys while the ladies do there pre wedding duties.

You obviously love to fish. Approximately, how many days a year do you get to fish?

Yes! I do love to fish! I grew up as an avid ice fisherman and only fishing with rod n reel only a hand full of times per year.

But two years ago that had all changed when my best friend took me fishing and I was introduced to fishing for strictly bass with lures and not just worms and bobbers!

So within the last two years I’ve gone from having one two pc rod n reel and a tiny tackle box with no boat, and only shore fishing. To know having two boat, one for ponds one for lakes, 7 higher end rod n reels and more tackle than I ever expected I would  own!

I am addicted to fishing now, and look forward to going on either my small boat, 8 feet Sun Dolphin with trolling motor, or my large boat, 16 tracker pro team 175, as often as possible! Typical week from April to October, I’ll go fishing 4-7 times per week.

If you can have one day to take Tom Brady fishing, what body of water would you take him to and why? What would you fish for? And what technique would you be fishing to maximize your chances at catching fish on that lake?

I would take Tom and I fishing on Lake Champlain and we would fish for fat largies and smallies and maybe even go after a lake trout too.

For the bass we would use Senkos, Texas and wacky rig, tubes, and crankbaits work well too. I also love top water and would have to throw some spooks and maybe a top water rat and frog as well!

loren-s-02What are your other favorite New England bodies of water to fish?

I enjoy fishing the Merrimack River, for I grew up as a little river rat on my dad’s boat, camping, tubing, skiing, swimming and fishing every weekend!

I also like to fish small ponds close to where I live, especially ponds that do not have any houses on them!

What are your favorite bass fishing techniques and what makes you confident in each of them?

I really like finesse fishing such as soft plastics senkos, lizards and tubes.

Also like fishing top water rats, frogs. And also like fishing crank baits!

Fishing Senkos Texas rig is a go to technique that has always worked real well for me! Also top water techniques work very well for me! I most comfortable and have the most time using these techniques.

I see you fishing out of a number of different types of boats. What is your main fishing boat? And what makes it a great platform to fish out of?

Yes, I own two different boats that I fish out of. And use them both equally I’d say, with the big boat used slightly more.

I have a 8 feet Sun Dolphin Sportsman with an minn Kota 55lb trolling motor that I use in small ponds. I also used it in a “Kayak bass fishing tournament series” with NEBassin. I entered the series late missing the first 3 events but won my first tournament and finished well in the remaining.

I also have a 2016 Tracker Pro Team 175, which I got this summer and absolutely couldn’t be happier with! This is definitely my first choice. Very comfortable, easily store all of my gear and more! Very fast from spot to spot as well easily reaching over 40 miles per hour with just a 60 horsepower 4 stroke motor.

The tracker was a great buy coming with everything you need to get out on just about any body of water in my area and do some bass fishing!

What was your best fishing day of 2016 and what made it a great day?

I would have to say it’s a toss up between winning my first bass fishing tournament and my first day fishing lake Champlain with my fiancé on my brand new big boat.

The tournament was my first ever! Friends of mine were a part of the tournament and got me to join up. And well needless to say I was very happy that I did!

I did very well winning my first tournament, was at Clough State Park in New Hampshire in the middle of summer on a 90 degree plus day! There were 15 boats in our division as well as at least another 10 other anglers fishing as well. Making for a tough day for most!<

I was able to get on em and early fishing mainly the large damn on the body of water fishing finesse techniques. I ended up winning by a large amount that day, didn’t win again this year but finished very well in the remaining 3 events I attended.

And another great day that stands out to me is going fishing on Lake Champlain with my fiancé on my new big boat! We left New Hampshire at 3AM to make it on the water for sunrise which was amazing! The weather couldn’t be better! Conditions perfect! Amazing views of the Adirondack mountains in NY! We caught huge smallmouth bass and huge largemouth bass as well as a huge musky! Was a great day on the water no doubt!

What is in store for your fishing in 2017? What are your fishing goals next year?

2017, hopefully continue where I left off in 2016! Fishing often and catching lots of big bass! I want to do more tournaments in both my small boat in the kayak series and my big boat in big boat series.

I look forward to fishing new bodies of water as well as all of my favorite spots! I look forward to our wedding and honeymoon as well!

Again thank you Loren. And congrats on the engagement. I don’t need an invite to the wedding but I would really like to join you for the pre-wedding fishing.

To follow Loren for fishing and wedding pics, check him on Instagram.