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Fishing a Hybrid Vibe Jig for Potomac River Bass

Anthony Kashiwsky Loves Nate's Custom Baits for Potomac River Bass
Anthony Kashiwsky Loves Nate’s Custom Baits for Potomac River Bass

Anthony Kashiwsky is a very talented young angler. I have been following him on Instagram @bass4kash and he has been having a lot of recreational and tournament success. One fishery where he seems to excel is the Potomac River. And as I learned, one of his favorite baits is Nate’s Custom Baits Vibe Jig. We interviewed Nate previously. Now we get some specifics on how one angler is using his custom baits with great success.

What do you love about fishing the Potomac River for largemouth bass?

The first time I fished the Potomac River was in the summer of 2012. I just finished my freshman year of college and had an opportunity to fish a club tournament with the Penn State Bass Fishing Team. I immediately became hooked on this water, because it was unlike anything I ever fished before up in Pittsburgh. One of the guys we were fishing with caught an 8 plus pound bass which was the biggest I’ve ever seen at the time. You just never know what you are going to catch which is one of the reasons I love the Potomac.

Potomac Bass Like the Vibe Jig

Potomac Bass Like the Vibe Jig

What do you love about Nate’s Custom Baits vibe blade bait?

I started fishing Nate’s Custom Baits Hybrid Vibe Jig in my second tournament on the Potomac, April 9th. I didn’t know what to expect because I never really fished vibrating jigs much until this year, but now I am hooked. I love how he combines the rubber skirt with buck tail and his jigs have a really erratic action.

Because of the side to side action of them, you really have to slow down, which is key in the early spring. When you rip them through grass, they jump all over the place causing those reaction bites.

Probably the biggest positive with his jigs are that they are all hand tied, and very durable. I’ve been fishing the same bait for three or four tournaments and it still looks the same as day one. So far this year, I have fished five tournaments; three on the Potomac and two on the Chesapeake, and I have had four top ten finishes using Nate’s Custom Baits.

What are your favorite trailers to attach to your bait?

Lake Fork Trophy Lures Magic Shad! I’ve tried a variety of swim baits and craws behind NCB Hybrid Vibes, but the magic shad really brings out the action the best. The Magic Shad showcases the erratic presentation that NCB lures offer. My plastics bag is always packed with a variety of magic shad.

What are the keys to working this bait to effectively induce Potomac River bass strikes?

As mentioned earlier, work NCB vibe slowly and don’t be afraid to throw it into the grass. When it gets stuck, rip it out like you’re setting the hook on a fish. The majority of my bites were when I was ripping the bait through the grass.

What are you favorite Potomac River colors?

I have three go to colors on Potomac: White (NCB Zebra), Green (NCB Bluegill), and Black/Blue. Choosing the color usually depends on the conditions of the river, the weather, and the food. When I won the ABA Ram Truck Open tournament in May, I started my day with a black/blue because there was a lot of rain and river was muddy. I wanted something a little darker, but then my boater and I started to catch Perch. I made a decision to tie on the green with a perch colored Lake Fork Magic Shad and I never put that rod down. I landed over 40 fish and at least 12 were over 3.5 pounds.

Is this a bait that you think you will throw all year around or is it more seasonal?

I started throwing the Hybrid Vibe early in the year and I am still currently throwing it. I had a tournament on the Chesapeake, June 11th and I caught a 5.00 pound largemouth, and 6 other fish. I will continue to throw it throughout the year. The jig has a unique action that I love and I believe it will catch fish year round whether it’s a reaction bite or that fish is just hungry.

Big Bass on the Vibe Jig

Big Bass on the Vibe Jig

What are 5 pieces of advice for anyone who has never thrown a blade bait like Nate’s on the Potomac before?

First, this jig is different from Zman or other chatterbaits on the market. The hybrid vibe does not swim straight, but that’s what makes it so great.

Second, fish it slow! You will feel the action in your rod as it jumps side to side and all over.

Third, get a good trailer that gives you maximum action. I love the magic shad for this.

Fourth, don’t just buy one. Get a variety of colors and sizes because conditions change day to day.

Fifth, don’t be afraid to throw it into the grass. Yes, it will get stuck, but ripping it through causes a lot of bites.

What other baits do you love for the Potomac of Nate’s?

Early in the year, I used the underspin quite a bit. I fished it just like a spinnerbait or swimbait. It caught some nice fish. I just started to throw his swim jig now that the grass is a little thicker. I fish it just like a crankbait through the grass. It pulls through the weeds easily and it’s a great way to cover water in thick grass.

Who are your other sponsors and what do you like about representing their companies?

Some of my other sponsors are Ardent, Gamma Fishing, Lake Fork Trophy Lures, and Rod Sox. Ardent Outdoors reels and rods have been so good to me the past four years. They have helped me land a lot of fish and are really smooth reels. Ardent reels are top of line and I would pick them over other companies’ any day. If you are in need of some new reels or rods, I recommend giving them a chance.

Gamma Fishing has some of the best fluorocarbon on the market. Every fish I have caught on Nate’s Custom Baits has been on 12 or 14 pound fluoro, even in the grass. I have so much confidence in this line. The 12 pound line has a breaking strength over 17 pounds.

Lake Fork Trophy Lures have a lot of unique plastics that other companies don’t offer. Their customer service is top notch and I recommend picking up some magic shads! They are a game changer.

Rod Sox have been a life saver keeping my rods untangled while in the back of my truck. Fight the fish, not your rods! These companies have been such a great help to me as I started to fish more and more tournaments. They have been key to my success this year.

Thanks Anthony for such great information. You can learn more about and order some of Nate’s Custom Baits at Nate’s website.