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Fishing Green Lane Reservoir with Mark Fenstermaker

Mark Fenstermaker Green Lane Reservoir

Green Lane Reservoir is a small largemouth and smallmouth bass lake in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. Mark Fenstermaker loves fishing this lake and shares with us a bit about Green Lane Reservoir.

I want to first ask you about your boat as I am big fan of small boats. What boat are you fishing out of?

I rent one of their 12 foot aluminum boats for the entire summer, which the cost is $500. I believe it is well worth it if you fish daily. You basically make your money back in a week and the rest of the summer is free fishing.

How long have you been fishing Green Lane Reservoir for bass?

I have been fishing the lake for five years now. Its hard to stay away. What I love most about this lake is that you can pretty much go anywhere and throw any bait as long as you know what to use. Of course I have some secret spots and know some extra tricks but it seems to produce the best quality and quantity of fish out of all the lakes I fished out of South Eastern Pennsylvania. And the staff there are an excellent group of people.

Mark Fenstermaker Green Lane Reservoir Largemouth

This is an electric motor only lake. But how much pressure does the lake get?

Depending on the time of the year the pressure can differ. It always depends on the weather pattern to see the effects it would have on the fish but usually the pressure stays relativity the same. It has plenty of water to find your own spot.

Apparently there is an under water village somewhere as well. But if you can find the old deep creeks and fish the sides of them slowly you can hook into some nice fish, largemouth and smallmouth. Also bank fishing is the key to my success. FISH SMALL BRIDGES!!!

What do you consider an average size 5 fish limit for Green Lane Reservoir?

The average size, 5 fish limit would be about 15 lbs. I would say 3 plus a piece. My best day on the lake I caught 22 fish for about 55 lbs. What made that day so successful for me was slow fishing structure jigs with a Pit Boss and dragging a Charlie Brewers Slider head with a 7 inch black or camo Berkley ribbon tail worm.

How would you rate the fishing difficulty level of Green Lane Reservoir with 1 easy to 10 being extremely difficult?

I would rate the difficulty level 1 for largemouth and a level 3 for smallmouth. The lake always has northern pike, crappies, catfish, rock bass and pan fish. I rank it at this level because it seems to be that the less you do the more you catch.

If you go out fishing on Green Lane Reservoir looking for largemouth bass, what general types of structure do you start with?

Key structure I look for are trees that are more underwater than above water. I throw towards the very corner next to land and drag slowly til the end of the branch where the structure jig and Pit Boss hook up. Same with the slider head.

I also fish the bridges and small flats with long grass. Slow fishing is the key. Banks embedded with rocks seem to hold fish as well. Also, fishing points of the lake later in the evening, once in a while you will hook into a school.

Mark with a Green Lane Reservoir Trophy BassWhat are your 3 favorite baits for chasing down Green Lane Reservoir largemouth bass?

My first favorite bait would be a Mark Davis jointed structure jig head with a Pit Boss. My second would be a Charlie Brewer Slider Head with any 7 inch Berkley ribbon tail attached. My third would be a wacky set up with 4 inch Gary Yamamoto Senko.

The key is to slow drag like I said before. The less you do…the more you catch. I like to fish a green pumpkin structure head with a green and orange fleck Pit Boss attached. And for the 7 inch Berkley’s, black and camo.

Overall, what are 5 pieces of advice that you have for anyone bass fishing Green Lane Reservoir for the first time?

1. Fish slow.

2. Fish trees.

3. Look for the grass.

4. Keep it simple.

5. Fish the bridges.

There are a couple of other much smaller lakes in the Park. Have you ever fished them for bass?

No I have not fished the other lakes. I cant seem to keep my self off of green lane.

Who are your sponsors and pro staff companies?

My fishing sponsors are: Motion Fishing Company, Rig N Rip Fishing, Crank Fishing, and Burgess Jig Company. My club fishing team is the ‘Hawghunters of Allentown’. Our sponsors are: Wacky Worm Inc. and Old School Sandwich Co. for the time being. I am fishing 12 club tournaments and 5 BFL tournaments as well.

To all Dock Talkers, you can learn even more about Mark on Instagram and Youtube.

Thanks Mark for talking with us about Green Lane Reservoir bass fishing.