Maine Bass Fishing Spots

Fishing China Lake with Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams with a China Lake Largemouth Bass

Tyler Williams is a 16 year old tournament angler from Maine. I noticed Tyler was catching some stud Maine largemouth bass. Tyler agreed to discuss one of his favorite bodies of water, Maine’s China Lake.

How long have you been fishing China Lake in Maine? 

I have been fishing China Lake about 2 years now. I fish it at least once every 2 weeks.

What do you love about bass fishing China Lake?

The amount of big bass it has. Something with me clicks about the lake. I never seem to have a problem grabbing 21 plus pounds.

What is the mix like between smallmouth bass and largemouth bass in China Lake? 

Largemouth dominate on China. Smallmouth aren’t nearly as common. The average 5 fish limit on China is about 18 pounds, often takes 21 to 24 to win. I’ve won 3 tournaments on China this year, specific docks are the key for me.

How pressured are the fish on China Lake?

There is a fair amount of tournament pressure on the lake. There are also tons and tons of recreational boaters.

What boat are you using to fish China Lake?

I fish out of both a FX20 Skeeter and PHX20 Phoenix. Both seem good for the lake. A 12 foot aluminum would even work out there. It’s not about the boat.

What electronics are you running on the boat?

A lowrance and a hummingbird. Being able to find weedlines and deep rock humps are huge out there.

Do you have a favorite season to fish China Lake?

The spawn for sure is my favorite. The amount of beds in that lake is crazy! Fish everywhere.

What do you consider your favorite baits to throw on China Lake?

My best largemouth baits are a jig and crankbait. Also a simple Senko works out there. For smallmouth just a drop shot and spook are what I throw.

A Pair of Nice China Lake Largemouth Bass caught by Tyler Williams
A Pair of Nice China Lake Largemouth Bass

Overall, what advice do you have for anyone bass fishing China Lake?

  1.  Always look shallow first.
  2. Find green cabbage
  3. Look for rock piles
  4. Stay confident.
  5. Don’t rule something out because it didn’t work in one spot. Fish are constantly changing out there, the morning bite is a lot different than the afternoon bite 

Who are your sponsors?

My pro staff companies are  Clark Marine, Okuma, McCain Rods, 6th Sense and Huk are all my sponsors. Clark Marine keeps my boats running and perfect. There’s nothing like a Okuma rod and reel, extremely sensitive. The McCain rods are extremely rugged for those big fish…there is no snapping one. 6th Sense is putting out some of the best crankbaits on the market for sure. And I need to thank Huk for constantly keeping me dry and comfortable.

Thank you Tyler. Will be following on Instagram @thatkidtylerrrrrr.