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Fishing Buckhorn Lake and Review of Three Castles Resort

Buckhorn Lake Sunset Captured by Jeremy Sobocan
Buckhorn Lake Sunset Captured by Jeremy Sobocan

Upper and Lower Buckhorn Lake is a popular fishing destination in Ontario. Locals and vacationers alike enjoy the lake. I interviewed Jeremy Sobocan about the lake which has been a fishing destination for him for 10 years.

What do you love about fishing this lake?

I have been fishing Upper and Lower Buckhorn Lake for over ten years now. In the past 4 years though it has all been Lower Buckhorn. Honestly, the variety of fish is what I love so much about this lake. I can throw a jig, nothing fancy. Just something on the bottom for walleye and end up pulling in a 5.8 pounds, 21 inch smallmouth! Yeah people might argue it’s not what I was targeting, but a smallmouth at big is impressive and puts up a hell of a fight!

Muskie, walleye, largemouth and smallmouth bass, perch…large 9 plus inch perch. The lake is overflowing with life. If you know what you’re doing, it’s hard not to fall in love with the lake!

I noticed that you fished it in May. What do you like about fishing Buckhorn at this time of year?

Buckhorn Lake Smallmouth Bass

Buckhorn Lake Smallmouth Bass

Yes, I do mostly fish it in May. I have gone up for summer bass season but mostly May. At this time of year, that May long weekend here in Canada, there is is a walleye sanctuary in the corner of the lake that opens that weekend, and we are always there for it.

Our family have been going to Buckhorn for 35 plus years. It’s tradition now. Every year, May long weekend, spend the week fishing and have a huge fish fry on the last day. This is the reason I’m always fishing in May…tradition.

Do you stay at a place where others can also rent?

Yes, I stay at Three Castles Resort on Lower Buckhorn Lake, and I absolutely love it. It’s always clean. I highly recommend it.

The owner is the nicest guy in the world. Always walking around and asking how your stay is going, how the fishing has been. Anything. Such a friendly place. Extremely well kept. Anytime my friends ask me where I go fishing I give them the number for Three Castles and tell them to go. I only hear good things back. I can’t say enough good things about the resort.

How would you describe the fishing for someone who has never been to Buckhorn?

How would I describe the fishing. Ever changing. Everytime I am there something new is what is pulling in fish. One year it’s bright orange jigs, the next it’s Rapala Husky Jerks, then it’s black jigs, then spinners. Always different and a lot of fun to figure out what’s hitting and finding that spot on the lake. Never a dull moment that’s for sure!

Beautiful Buckhorn Lake Walleye

Beautiful Buckhorn Lake Walleye

How was your 2017 trip compared to other years?

Our trip this year was definitely interesting. With all the rain Ontario received in early May, it really raised the water levels and changed the currents a lot. But it was a blessing in disguise. We caught more fish than last year.

It was definitely a slow start to the trip but it picked up as the week went on. Highlight was probably being able to fish right off our deck cause of the high water levels! Wake up, step out onto the deck and start casting while you’re cooking breakfast! Fantastic. The water level slowly receded as the week went on. But still a lot of fun!

I noticed that you seem to do well for walleye on Buckhorn. What are the keys for catching Buckhorn Lake walleye?

Keep your gear on the bottom, deal with the snags and rocks you’re bound to get caught on, and you’ll be rewarded. Don’t be scared to change it up! Just cause it worked yesterday doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow!

How often do you run into muskie while fishing Buckhorn Lake?

Muskie have been a growing trend I guess you could call it. But surprisingly only 1 this year. Last year’s trip we pulled in 6 or 7 between all of us who go up. And this year we only hooked one. We didn’t get it into the boat though. After last year we were worried it was slowly becoming a muskie lake. More and more seemed to be caught every year. We were definitely pleasantly surprised this year. Great fishing!

What advicedo you have for anyone considering or planning their first trip to Buckhorn Lake?

Bring lots of gear! You never know what will be getting the hits! Don’t be scared to change up what you’re using or the way you’re fishing. Bring the whole family. We have younger kids pulling in bass from the docks. And just have fun. Buckhorn has everything you need, Foodland, Home Hardware, LCBO, and a dozen ice cream shops.

Thanks Jeremy! Buckhorn Lake sounds like a great place to have such an aamzing fishing and family tradition.

You can follow Jeremy’s fishing results on Instagram @jer.sobocan.