New York Bass Anglers

Fisherman, Hunter, Marine, Dad, Grandpa: What Life Is About

I have always been a good read of people. It is part of my career. DockTalk365 is not my career and just a hobby but my reading skills of people still are put to use in selecting people to interview and asking the right questions.

When I first saw Frank’s Instagram page, I could tell this was a New York kind of guy. Seeing his serious side was not difficult as fish after fish picture had a very serious look. After a few more photos I sensed that honor and focus reserved for those who have served us in the Marine Corps. But I knew there was more and what made me want to interview him was… Well, let me save that part of the story until you have read this great interview with Frank Porcelli.

Lets start with the fact that you are clearly a bass guy. What are your favorite New York bass waters to fish and what makes them special to you?

Yes, I’m most definitely a “bass guy”. I live in the Mid Hudson Valley region of New York, about 100 miles North of New York City and I work full time and fish from a 12 foot patched up Jon boat with a trolling motor, so I tend to fish the smaller lakes and bigger ponds within 25 miles or so from my home.

Chodikee Lake, Mirror Lake, Silver Lake and Candlewood Lake are among my favorite lakes to fish but I have a few “go to” ponds, off the beaten path that I really enjoy, something about fishing the thick weeds and the shallow, murky waters of the ponds that I find most enjoyable

What is your favorite bass fishing technique and why do you enjoy fishing it?

I’d say I fish weightless Texas rigged plastics about 98% of the time that I’m fishing. 6 inch stick baits, lizards, salamanders etc. 4 inch crawfish tubes by Big Bite Baits are my number one choice. I feel as though weightless rigs give me more ” feel” as far as strikes go, and I’m able to fish them in the thickest of cover.

What is your PB largemouth?

Scaled or Estimated? LOL. My PB is 7.4 pounds which may not seem especially huge but in a state where the record is 12.8 pounds with heavily fished waters, I’m pretty proud of that. I caught that fish just before dark on the proverbial “last cast” with a top water yellow Scum Frog thrown under an old, half submerged dock.

frank-p-02What can you tell us about Team Filthy and why you so proudly represent them?

Filthy Anglers to me represents all that fishing is about. Family, friends, the outdoors and a sense of camaraderie. Jim, the Founder of Filthy Anglers is a “regular guy” with a passion for fishing that has built a brand without all the pomp and circumstance that sometimes follows the bigger, more well known brands in the industry. He not only promotes his brand but more often than not promotes his team mates.

Team Filthy is involved with much more than just fishing, we have supported our team mates going through tough times either physically, medically, or emotionally. I am also a member of Fishinbuddies4veterans which I’m quite proud of. Kevin and Norm do amazing work through fishing for our servicemen suffering from PTSD and other service related conditions. Check them out @fishinbuddies4veterans on Instagram.

What are 3 fishing purchases you want to make this off season to gear up for the spring fishing season?

That’s easy….New, bigger boat, new trailer and new motor. Not sure it’s in the cards but I’m hopeful.

A bit of a philosophical question…your profile states “Fisherman, Hunter, Marine, Dad, Grandpa”. How do those things work together to define who you are as a person?

I’d say it all starts with what I learned in my time in the Marine Corps. Maturity, discipline and respect all go a long way in life and I’d like to think that I apply those things to all aspects of my life. Hunting, fishing, being a Dad and a Grandpa all require love, determination and respect and although I’ve not always been perfect at any or all of those things, I’d like to think I continue to learn and put in the time and I firmly believe if you put in the time and effort, you’ll get rewarded. I recently was able to take my 2 year old Grandson to catch his first fish and although he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, Grandpa hasn’t stopped gushing since.

New Personal Best Largemouth, Huge 8 Point Buck, or Yankees World Series Championship. If you had to pick one and only one of these to occur in 2017, which would you pick and why?

Tough one but after some deliberation I’d say the huge 8 point buck. Big, mature deer in this area are just so hard to come by with the heavy hunting pressure and ever shrinking places to hunt. I think that would be most gratifying. I do pretty well with the bass consistently and The Yankees have plenty of Championships so yes, I’d say the big buck.

So here is the rest of the story about what convinced me to interview Frank? Scrolling down his page, I finally found it, a big smile in a selfie with his grandson. A couple photos later had him on the ground giving his grandson a big kiss. Before doing the interview, all of Frank’s photos showed me he is a angler that understands life in all of its aspects. And now doing this interview with Frank confirmed that my read of people is still right on.

Check out all of his photos at Instagram.