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As the weather warms more and more anglers start thinking about stalking streams and rivers for trout. Here in the Northeast, we are blessed with numerous world class trout waters. One of the best of these waters is the Delaware River. The River’s East and West Branch produce some of the best trout fishing in the world. Fifield Outfitters can take you out for an amazing day of trout fishing on the Delaware. They also fish throughout New York for lots of different species even including night fishing trips for long nose gar. We spent some time getting to know everything Fifield Outfitters offers anglers.

You guide the East and West Branch of the Delaware River. How long has Fifield Outfitters been guiding these waters?

We’re going on our third year of guiding on the East and West Branch of the Delaware River. These waterways are fabulous for browns and rainbows. Living on the East Branch and observing all the big browns that call this stretch of the river home is amazing.

Although, it’s more than just fishing that makes these branches special, it’s the scenery and wildlife you see while you are on them, too.

What are the advantages to hiring a guide on these waters?

A few advantages to hiring a guide is that they tend to know where the hot spots are on the rivers, what hatch is happening at the present time, and they have connections to get in spots where other people wouldn’t have access. Plus, when fishing from a drift boat, it’s all about positioning the boat which could be the difference from catching something with the boat positioned the right way, to spooking the fish or not having the correct angle to the fish, with the boat angled the wrong way.

Fishing the Delaware River with Fitfield Outfitters

Fishing the Delaware River with Fifield Outfitters

How would you describe the overall experience of trout fishing on the Delaware River?

These waterways will make you a better angler, as no two days are the same. You have to be able to adapt on the fly. However, when you hook into one of these trout and have one landed, it’s like no other experience you can describe. You have such an appreciation for how smart these indigenous fish are. I’ve heard from a number of fisherman that fly fish all over the world and they all say the same thing, that if you can catch trout on the Delaware, you can go anywhere in the world and do very well. It’s a testament to how smart these native fish are and how gratifying it is to be able to catch them.

What are your three favorite things about guiding on these sections of the Delaware River?

Being able to take people out and showing them a great time and being able to laugh and learn new things each trip are some of my favorite things about guiding on these sections of the Delaware. Along with the scenery which is second to none. You can have bald and/or golden eagles fishing beside you, ducks flying up the river, whitetails feeding on the riverbanks, and an occasional black bear crossing the river. Each section of the Delaware is different, which gives you a unique experience each time. Okay,that was more than three things, but they are all my favorites.

You fish out of a Hyde Drift Boat. What makes this boat well suited for the type of fishing you are doing?

Hyde Drift Boats are the Cadillacs of the drift boat industry. Ours is custom made to offer our clients the best overall experience on the river. It’s designed for guests to be very comfortable with its easy fishing ability, along with top of the line seats, leg braces, cup holders, lots of storage, and an anchor system that’s notches above other manufactures. The people at Hyde Drift Boats are wonderful to deal with and they are a family owned company that goes out of their way to make you feel like a part of their family. The boats are USA made, in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

You also offer bass boat trips. What waters are you fishing from the bass boat? And what can clients expect on these trips?

On our bass boat, we fish all over New York State. We have some really good local lakes next to us like White Lake and Swinging Bridge Reservoir. Also, we travel a lot up north to one of the best bass lakes in the USA, Lake Champlain. Lake Champlain is an amazing fishery, you can catch 3 lb bass all day long and those toothy critters, northern pike, pickerel, and ling are around to add some exciting action as well.

On our bass boat trips, our clients will experience what a professional bass angler does. Our boat is equipped with a Mercury motor, Motorguide trolling motor, dual Power-Poles, top of the line Humminbird fish finders/GPS units on the market, and top notch fishing equipment. We’ll teach guests how to read the fish finders and at the end of the day, our clients’ arms are usually worn out from all the fish they’ve been catching. Plus, we’ll target whatever species of fish that our clients want to pursue, from largemouth and smallmouth bass, to pike and walleye, and to panfish for a fish fry.

Fitfield Outfitters Long Nose Gar Trip

Fifield Outfitters Long Nose Gar Trip

I noticed that you will take clients to fish for gar at night on Lake Champlain. What are your favorite strategies/techniques when fishing for gar?

We have the long nose gar in our neck of the woods, unlike Texas where they catch 200lb alligator gar. With these guys, they have a long narrow hard mouth. My pro staff and I have put in countless hours pursuing these prehistoric looking fish. At night, we always would hook up with these toothy critters, but we were only having minimal success landing them. After a lot of tactics were tried and failed, we finally hit GOLD on an approach we came up with. I can’t give our secret away, but it’s very successful. One tip is to use fresh, cut bait in a small, square, piece.

The only problem I see with Fifield Outfitters is trying to pick which trip to do with them. While chasing down native trout on the Delaware River sounds like an amazing day, the night fishing trip for long nose gar sounds really cool. So much fishing to do and so little time.

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