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Get to Know Angler David Yang

David Yang Bass Fishing

In this interview, we get a chance to talk to David Yang. This young man is a very talented angler who loves fishing and sharing his passion with others. Join me in getting to know David.

When did you first get into bass fishing?

I first got into bass fishing at the age of 20. I’ve fished my whole life, but I had never expected to fall in love with bass fishing. What I love most about bass fishing is learning new ways to catch them. It can be frustrating yet successful at the same time.

What made you decide to take your fishing to YouTube?

I wanted to share my passion with others. I want to teach and show people how to catch bass or other species in the most simplest way. My goal is to teach others how to catch fish in your local areas such as what to use and where and when to go.

You seem to really enjoy river fishing for smallmouth. What is it about fishing a river for smallies that challenges and satisfies you as an angler?

What I enjoy about river smallmouth is the fight. They put up especially when you hook into a big one and it takes off down the river.

What are your favorite rivers to fish for smallmouth bass?

I love fishing for smallmouth in the Milwaukee River. The river is connected to Lake Michigan, and you just never know what you will hook into.

What are your favorite smallmouth river baits?

My favorite smallmouth river baits are topwater lures and tubes. The key is to find warm water, deeper pools and current. The combination of these three in a river is the key to catch a big bass.

David Yang Largemouth BassHow about largemouth?

I enjoy fishing for Largemouth on the Lake. When I am on a boat I feel like a whole new person because I feel like I can control the game. I don’t feel limited.

What do you consider your favorite largemouth baits?

My favorite largemouth bait I would have to say is a flipping jig. I enjoy skipping jigs under docks and giving a good hook set on them.

I can’t ignore the fact that you are a very talented multi-species angler. What do you consider your favorite species to go after?

Honestly, my favorite specie is walleye. Walleye fishing will always wins over me. Something about catching a good size walleye makes me very excited. They are also good eating too.

What are your overall future goals as an angler

My future goal as an angler is to become a YouTube Content Creator in the fishing world and travel the world and record ways to catch different type of fish. I would defiantly specialize in bass specifically just because it is fun and target them all around the world.

Thanks David! Keep up the great work fishing and sharing your love of the sport on your YouTube channel @DYangBass.