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Talking Vibe Kayaks and Bass Fishing with David Truban

David Truban Vibe Seaghost Kayak

In this interview, we catch up with 2018 KBF Qualifier David Truban. We talk Vibe Kayaks and his fishing. Keep reading to learn more about Mr. David Truban.

I know you a proud representative of Vibe kayaks. What do you like about their kayaks?

One of my favorite thing about the company is the quality/price point ratio. You get a tremendous amount of bang for your buck. So it is easy to introduce people to this sport with Vibe kayaks.

Talk to us specifically about the Sea Ghost. Why do you feel that this particular kayak meets your fishing needs?

The Sea Ghost fits a lot of my needs with how well rounded the boat is. I’ve taken my Sea Ghost 130 down small rivers, to the coast and everywhere in between. The boat just simply preforms in every scenario I’ve put it in.

One con with the Sea Ghost for me was corrected with the release of the new Yellowfin 130t and that is deck space. I stand a majority of my time on the water so mobility is a factor for me. Also being an avid fly fishermen that open deck holds fly line better than on the sea ghost which has a console in the center.

A recent post made it look like you are downsizing from the 130 to 110. What went into the decision to downsize?

The yellowfin 130t is a more suitable boat for me in the 13′ category. So making the drop from a Seaghost 130 to a 110 just made sense. To take 2 foot off of the Sea Ghost the guys at Vibe did not sacrifice much. All the features of the 130 are still available in the 110 just in a more compact package. This makes the boat more ideal for smaller rivers and reservoirs.

What accessories have you added to your Vibe?

I just installed 4 gear tracks to my Yellowfin 130t to mount my GoPro, fly rod holder and a fish finder. I have not mounted my anchor trolley yet for this boat but plan to before my next tournament at the end of the month. I also run a Larry chair in my boats. Sitting higher up makes standing easier than in the lower position.

You qualified for the 2018 KBF National Championship. What went into your qualification?

Placing 4th in the KBF Fall Brawl last year is what qualified me. Water conditions were very clear that day, but I was able to capitalize on the top water bite early. That landed my 3 biggest fish of the tournament which was key. I utilized the Ned rig later in the day and was able to put many fish in the boat but culling fish over 16 inches became difficult. All in all I had a very successful day.

The KBF event is coming soon in March on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, What have you done to prepare?

I have never fished Kentucky Lake so as of now doing my homework is all I can do. Pre fishing the lake in the days before the Championship is going to be the key to success. I’m very confident I’ll get onto a pattern, whether I can get on one and catch quality fish the days of the tournament is the question…haha. But time on the water will tell.

David Truban Smallmouth BassWhat are your favorite home State kayak bass fishing waters?

I’m a river fisherman and a Smallmouth addict. So the Yadkin River takes the cake for me here in North Carolina. It is quality Smallmouth and Spotted bass fishery. A kayak is perfect for the Yadkin River because of how clear the water is. A kayak is much stealthier than a jon or bass boat so it is harder to spook fish.

What are your favorite techniques to use when fishing your favorite waters?

It is really hard to beat topwater fishing for any species especially bass. Its explosive and visual. For river Smallmouth casting parallel to the bank or structure is a great way to get bit. I’ve found Smallmouth Bass will eat at the surface more throughout day than Largemouth or Spotted Bass. So catching top water Smallies all day is very possible and makes for an amazing day on the water.

It looks like you also fly fish for bass from the kayak. I know this can be challenging. What advice do you have for others that may want to pick up a fly rod while kayak fishing?

Fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass from a kayak is my favorite way to fish. Anyone who has done it understands why it is so addicting. If you haven’t, you need to give it a try. If you keep rods in a crate behind you making sure you don’t back cast into them will save you a lot of trouble, trust me! Having an open deck is very ideal for fly fishing and results in virtually no hangups or tangles. One of many reasons the Yellowfin 130t is the perfect boat for me.

Thank you David. Good luck at the Championship.

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