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David Boelkins Bass Fishing

David Boelkins Fishing

David Boelkins is a very successful bass angler. He provides us with a snapshot of his Midwest bass fishing.

First of all, your boat is sweet. What is your Stratos boat model? What makes your boat a fishing machine?

My boat is an 22ss extreme. The boat is one of if not the best rough water boat I have road in.

What do you consider your most important accessory on the boat?

I believe that my Hummingbirds give me a leg up on the competition. I have spent long hours tuning them in. Without the birds I would not be able to find the structure and fish.

How was your 2017 fishing season overall?

My 2017 was a good learning year. It was my 3rd year bass fishing. I had a few motor issues in the beginning so decided to repower my boat with a 225 Merc.

What are your favorite home state largemouth bass waters?

My favorite largemouth bass water would be the Mississippi River. But being from the mid-west the better question would be what is my favorite smallmouth body of water. That answer would be Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin. If you have ever had the chance to fish smallmouth bass, it is a world class smallmouth lake. The gobies have made the lake so clear you can see down 30 feet. I have caught my personal best last year 7.32lb smallmouth bass.

What has been your favorite tournament place to fish?

My favorite place to fish would be the Mississippi River. I took a 2nd and 5th I love the river because you can fish smallmouth bass and laregmouth bass in the same place.

What has been your most challenging tournament place to fish?

I would say my most changeling place had to be Grand Lake. I was on the fish all through the practice rounds. I had over 20 pounds every day. When the tournament started, they were gone.

You like Piscifun reels. Why do you like their reels?

Where do I start? They make my favorite spinning reel, the Stone. I have put that reel through the ringers with big smallmouth and it has never failed me. I also love the Phantom baitcasting reel. It just fits so good in my hand. I have paired up all my FX custom casting rods with the Phantom or the Torrent. If you want to look up a wonderful new company FX Custom Rods. They make one of the best rods on the market.

Who are your other sponsors?

My other sponsors are FX Custom Rods, Frabill Plano, and Osprey Fishing Tackle. I also have a few sponsors that none of this would ever be possible without, Just Service and V&F Roofing Consultants. They are my biggest supporters.

Thanks so much David! Follow David on Instagram @the_reel_david_allen_fishing.