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Connecticut River Carp Fishing with Rafal Cisowski

Here at we have covered a lot of fishing on the Connecticut River. Bass, northern pike, and crappie have all been discussed. We have yet to cover the carp fishing available on the River. That is until we found Connecticut angler Rafal Cisowski. Rafal was willing to give us a look into some of his carp fishing strategies. His favorite water to use these techniques is the Connecticut River and his Instagram proves that the River holds lots and lots of big carp.

I love your Instagram because it is filled with big carp. What do you love about carp fishing?

In my opinion carp is one of the best fighting freshwater fish. Catching carp is pretty easy but catching big carp constantly, session after session requires a special approach and a little bit of knowledge.

Carp is not as popular in the US as it is in other places of the world like Europe. Why do you think that is?

The carp fishing industry in Europe is absolutely huge.Here in the USA its slowly growing and its becoming more popular year after year. “Trash fish”mentality is slowly changing and more anglers are finding them attractive to target. They really do put up a great fight!

What is your personal best carp?

My personal best was 44 lbs common carp and it was caught on very light trout set up. Fight was insane…45 minute battle. It was caught on 3 pieces of sweet kernel corn.

What is your favorite carp rod and reel?

My carp fishing setup includes 12’rods 3.5tc,Shimano big pit reels, rod pod and electronic alarms.

What is your favorite carp line?

I like having multiple spare spools for my reels with different line or braid on them. It really depends on the body of water and bottom structure what I’m going to use as my main line.

How about favorite carp baits?

My favorite carp bait also depends where and how long I’m going to fish. Most of the time I use boilies, little dough balls, and I like to pre-bait my swim before fishing. I love using World Classic Baits products,they are one of the largest bait companies here in US and have a large selection of all kind of baits including flavored corn and boilies.

What are your favorite places to carp fish?

My favorite place to carp fish has to be the Connecticut River. Common, mirror, fantail, grass or koi carp are all in there. You never really know what you’re going to catch.

Thanks Rafal! If you would like to follow Rafal’s carp fishing, check him out on Instagram.