Beautiful New River

New River Fishing with Ben Morrison

The New River is such a world famous fishery. I love catching up with anglers who spend a lot of time chasing down smallmouth bass and muskie on the New. So naturally when I saw Ben Morrison with some impressive smallmouth bass on his Instagram, I knew he would have some great insight on fishing the New River. Read on to learn how Ben takes on this amazing fishery.

BassGeek Arkie Jig Fishing

Arkie Jig Fishing with YouTube’s BassGeek

Not too long ago, I found the BassGeek on Twitter. I followed the links to his YouTube channelĀ and was immediately impressed with the BassGeek’s knowledge of fishing. The BassGeek is Virginia’sĀ Hank Rogers. Out of the topics Hank covers on his YouTube channel, I wanted to talk about jig fishing, particularly his use of the Arkie style jig. Hank provides a tutorial about Arkie jig fishing that the best of us bass geeks will love.

Virginia Pond Fishing with Ryan Green

Virginia Pond Fishing Techniques with Ryan Green

Virginia has a lot of great fishing opportunities. But Virginia pond fishing might be one of its most overlooked. Largemouth bass are plentiful and many of these small bodies of water. And Trophies exist if you know what you are doing. I noticed Ryan Green on Twitter doing a great job stalking the banks of his favorite ponds. Ryan took some time to tell us about his favorite Virginia pond fishing techniques.

Virginia Bass Fishing with Scott Schumann

Last year we did a great interview with fisherman Ty Adams. Today, we have an interview with one of Ty’s previous tournament partners, Scott Schumann. Scott is a Virginia fisherman who fishes competitively on the BASS Nation Tournament Trail. He has also started his own cool YouTube channel. So I was excited when Scott agreed to do the interview. He provides some great information on his favorite waters as well as his love of spinnerbait fishing. Enjoy the interview.

Bass Fishing Claytor Lake with Ryan Spicer

Located in the southwestern handle of Virginia is a 4,500 acre lake by the name of Claytor Lake. This lake is home to some excellent largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass fishing. But this isn’t the type of lake that you can go and fish and expect them to jump in the boat. It has a reputation of being challenging especially in the summer when recreational water sports are in full force. So when I had the opportunity to interview Ryan Spicer, a young man who has had success on the lake, I knew his insight would be helpful to anyone considering fishing Claytor.