Lake Kesagami is a Dream Trip

Tighe’s Lake Kesagami Fishing Trip Report

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Oh Kesagami! How I dream of thee! This holy grail of Northern Pike and Walleye fishing has not been crossed off my bucket list yet. That is not the case for Tighe McLaughlin and his father. They crossed off Lake Kesagami in 2016 and were not disappointed in the results of their trip. In fact, they loved it so much that they have another trip scheduled for 2018. Tighe recounts the trip for us and lets us experience Kesagami through his stories. Tighe also provides a lot of great information for anyone considering a trip. So read on and start dreaming about Lake Kesagami.

BRO with a May Leech Lake Walleye

Leech Lake Minnesota Walleye Fishing with Bro

DockTalk365 Minnesota, Vacations

Leech Lake is an outstanding fishery located in North Central Minnesota. This lake has been on my bucket list for quite sometime. With thriving Walleye populations, booming Northern Pike fishing, outstanding world class Muskie fishing and emerging Smallmouth Bass trophy fish, what is not to like about Leech Lake? I tracked down Brian ‘BRO’ Brosdahl who guides on Leech. Brian was kind of enough to give us an overview of the fishing on Leech Lake. You’ll see why this fishing trip destination belongs on your bucket list as well.

Kanektok River Fishing

Fishing The Kanektok River with Tom Kozlowski

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Alaska is such a dream fishing location. Tom Kozlowski has had the opportunity to fish Alaska several times. His most recent trip was an unguided float trip on the Kanektok River. The Kanetok River is located in Southwestern Alaska. Tom takes us through all aspects of his trip with great advice for others considering the adventure.

British Columbia as a Smallmouth Bass Fishing Destination

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Here at DockTalk365, we focus on the Northeast but we also take the time to discuss some great bucket list fishing destinations. Out of all of the places and fish I expected to interview people about, I didn’t think it would be British Columbia smallmouth bass fishing. That was until I stumbled upon Matt Benson who catches big bass, both smalmouth and largemouth, in British Columbia. In this interview, Matt lets us know why BC should be considered a bass fishing destination.

Fishing the Gouin with Jenn Cutnam

DockTalk365 Quebec, Vacations

I first noticed that Jenn Cutnam fished Quebec’s Gouin Reservoir. The Gouin is a favorite fishing destination for walleye and northern pike anglers in the Northeast. Then I noticed that she has quite the diversity of fish that she catches. Living now in British Columbia, she also fishes for trout and has some awesome giant sturgeon pics. Most importantly, Jenn is always smiling showing off the love she has for fishing. So appreciate that Jenn took some time to fill us in on her fishing, provide advice on fishing the Gouin Reservoir and let us know about her upcoming dream fishing trip in 2017.

Fishing Quebec’s Gouin Reservoir with Chris Aretakis

DockTalk365 Quebec, Vacations

I have been to the Gouin Reservoir and loved my vacation there. The place is huge but we did well and left knowing the potential of this place to produce great numbers of walleye and pike. In my opinion the Gouin Reservoir is one of the few places in the Northeast that can rival the walleye fishing of Northwestern Ontario for numbers and quality. Chris Aretakis fishes the Gouin a couple times a year and provides us a ton of great information about fishing this legendary body of water in Quebec.

Fishing Mille Lacs with Jason Dudek

DockTalk365 Minnesota, Vacations

Here at Dock Talk 365, we spend a lot of time researching the fishing in our region. But we also love dreaming about those legendary fishing destinations throughout the rest of the United States and Canada. Minnesota’s Mille Lacs is a place we dream about for its legendary smallmouth bass fishing. Jason Dudek knows this water inside and out and filled us in on some of what makes Mille Lacs a fish factory.

Insider Info on Esnagami Wilderness Lodge

DockTalk365 Ontario, Vacations

Esnagami Wilderness Lodge takes it’s turn as #1 on my bucket list fishing trip destinations. This place is an angler’s paradise. When I found that Matt Walne was guiding for them this summer, I approached him about doing an interview. I am so grateful he agreed as we get a lot of good inside information on the Lodge and the …