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I love fishing and am continually inspired by the amount of young men and women who are enhancing the fishing industry focused on doing things that enhance the experience or their fellow anglers. Luke and Edward are two of these young fisherman who have launched As you will learn their company is helping all of us anglers find our next fishing adventure.

Learning about Fishing with Pennsylvania’s Hollywood Hairjigs

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I have talked previously about the underrated qualities of hairjigs. When I noticed that there was a Pennsylvania company producing high quality hairjigs, I knew I had to interview them. Fortunately, Josh Hartman, owner of Hollywood Hairjigs, agreed to talk to us. Josh filled us in not only about his hairjigs but also his techniques and strategies for catching big smallmouth and largemouth bass on hairjigs throughout the year.

Interview with Rielly’s Custom Baits

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There are a lot of custom bait makers now. They do so for a lot of reasons. Regardless of the reason, the biggest benefit is to the rest of us who now have a lot of choices of people who can customize a bait just the way we want it. John Rielly is one of those bait makers. John is from Vermont and we took a little bit of time to get to know about his bait company as well as his Vermont fishing. He finished as Angler of Year for his club, Central Vermont Bass Club, so the guy knows how to fish.

Bass Camo Apparel: A True Family Business

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The term “family business” can be overused. A true family business can be a bit hard to find. So, it was a great pleasure to get to interview Karen from Bass Camo Apparel. As you will read, Karen, her husband, Jeff, and their children all take an active part in this growing company. Furthermore, their company values and priorities are grounded in the family values instilled in Jeff and Karen. So, I am quite confident you will enjoy getting to know Bass Camo Apparel just as much as I have. This is the type of company that it is a pleasure to support.

What It Is All About: Interview with Jim Marco from Loaded for Bass

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Can I tell you how much I love custom and small bait companies? If you see my tackle boxes, you will see that I almost exclusively buy from small manufacturers, primarily in the Northeast. I am in no way against the bigger companies. They have a very important role in the fishing industry and for the most part, deliver quality products to anglers. But what I love about the smaller bait makers is the passion for fishing that comes through when you talk about their baits. I also love their attention to detail. They need to know that every bait that gets shipped out is of the highest quality. They simply can’t afford to ship out baits that don’t meet their highest quality standards. Loaded for Bass is one of these great companies. Based in Connecticut, these guys are putting out quality baits and have a deep rooted passion for fishing, inspiring the work they do. Read to learn more about their company as well as one of the best fishing stories, ever, at the end.

Canoe or Kayak: Interview with Appomattox River Company

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I keep wanting a kayak. Tons of research constantly has my head buzzing about whether to get a kayak or stick with my trusty Old Town canoe. I decided to get in contact with a company that I have been told is a fantastic kayak and canoe shop in Farmville, Virginia, Appomattox River Company. Vince from the Company shared his perspective between canoes and kayaks, as well as some advice of what I need if I buy that first kayak. Here is what he had to say.