Hayley Schultz Loves to Fish

DockTalk365 Pennsylvania

I love interviewing people who love fishing. Hayley Schultz is one of those people who exudes her love of fishing. This interview represents everything that is right about our sport.

Shallow Water Rivers in All Conditions with Scott Johnson

DockTalk365 Maryland, Pennsylvania

Professional guides don’t have the option of sitting out a day on the water due to tough conditions. Also, days without fish in the boat are not good for business. So, I took the opportunity to ask Life Outdoors Unlimited Guide Scott Johnson about how he fishes through tough conditions. Scott guides on two amazing fisheries, Susquehanna River and Upper Potomac. Both are known for their clear shallow water and their amazing smallmouth bass fishing. In this interview, Scott teaches us how to get it done no matter what the conditions.

Justin Bean Fishing The Schuylkill River

Schuylkill River Smallmouth Bass Fishing with Justin Bean

DockTalk365 Pennsylvania

I have lived in South Central Pennsylvania all of my life. I have fished the Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers since I can remember chasing down my favorite foe, the Smallmouth Bass. Recently on Instgaram, I noticed a string of photos coming from the Schuylkill River. Over all these years, I have never really considered the Schuylkill as a “must fish” …

Penn State's Stephen Jesso

Angler Profile: Penn State’s Stephen Jesso

DockTalk365 Pennsylvania

I believe College bass fishing is one of the best things to happen to our sport in the last 10 years. Whenever I do an interview with a college angler, I always wish that the clubs would have existed when I was in college. I noticed Stephen Jesso on Instagram and Twitter who not only fishes a lot of Pennsylvania waters I am familiar with, but is also an active member of the Penn State Fishing Club. Stephen was kind enough to talk to us about his involvement with the Penn State fishing club as well as his fishing throughout the State. I promise you’ll enjoy this read with this up and coming Collegiate angler.

Blue Marsh Lake Smallmouth Bass

A Kayak Angler’s Guide to Fishing PA’s Blue Marsh Lake

DockTalk365 Pennsylvania

Last year, we interviewed Zack Orth about fishing South Central Pennsylvania’s Blue Marsh Lake. Blue Marsh is located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The Lake is slightly over 1,100 acres that is enjoyed throughout the year by water sports enthusiasts. Of course, here at DockTalk365, we are interested in only the fishing. So, I found another angler who loves fishing Blue Marsh and has unlocked some of its secrets for bass and muskie. Garrett Gincley is that fisherman. Garrett took time to fill us on how he approaches the lake with the added feature of being a kayak angler.

Central PA Susquehanna River Fishing with Ryan Myers

DockTalk365 Pennsylvania

The Susquehanna River is my home body of water. I have fished the Susquehanna since I was 10, which means nearly 35 years of fishing the river. Every time I think I have the Suskie figured out, I meet an angler that helps me think of fishing the River in an all new way. Ryan Myers is one of these anglers that knows the Susquehanna inside and out and has a lot of cool ideas for catch the smallmouth that call it home. For example, I have never fished a blade bait on the river. Ryan does and has convinced me to pick up a few blade baits this off-season. So if you are an experienced River Rat on the Susquehanna or want to fish this smallmouth bass factory for the first time, Ryan’s interview provides a ton of great information.

Review of Jackson Kilroy and Pennsylvania Bass Fishing Talk with Matt Randolph

DockTalk365 Pennsylvania

Matt Randolph’s Instagram page caught my eye as I noticed he was fishing out of a Jackson Kilroy kayak. This is a boat that is on my short list for when I make my first kayak purchase. So, I couldn’t wait to get his review of this kayak. He fills us in on the boat and also offers a unique perspective as someone who fishes both the Jackson Coosa as well as the Kilroy. Of course, Matt and I also discussed his favorite Pennsylvania fishing waters and the species he loves to target, smallmouth and largemouth bass. Read on to learn more about Matt and his fishing.