Choosing the Right Carrot Stix Rod with Chris Wetzel

DockTalk365 Ontario

We discuss rod selection with Ontario angler Chris Wetzel. While Chris is sponsored by Carrot Stix and breaks down this Ontario brand for us. His insight can be used to think about your rod selection with your favorite rods as well.

Robert Pye Fishing with His Sons

Enjoying Every Fishing Moment: Interview with Robert Pye

DockTalk365 Ontario

We interview Ontario’s Robert Pye. Robert is a blogger and also staff member for Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. Robert gives us a great perspective on the importance of fishing in life and why we should make sure to enjoy every fishing moment.

Emily Head Loves Fishing

Angler Profile: Ontario’s Emily Head

DockTalk365 Ontario

Emily Head is a young female angler from Ontario. She caught our attention by her obvious passion and love for fishing displayed in her Instagram photos. We learn in this interview more about the fishing of Emily.

Ottawa River Kayak Fishing with OTownYaker

DockTalk365 Ontario

The Ottawa River is a great fishing trip destination. What many people don’t realize is that it offers great kayak fishing opportunities. I speak with Eric from O-Town Fishing Adventures to discuss his kayak fishing guide service on the Ottawa River.

Balsam Lake Fishing with Aaron Segin

Balsam Lake with Aaron Segin

DockTalk365 Ontario

Balsam Lake sometimes get overlooked with other waters like Lake Simcoe nearby. But anglers in this area know the great fishing that Balsam can offer. Aaron Segin took some time to discuss Balsam Lake, which is his favorite place to fish. Aaron also represents a number of great fishing companies and tells us what he likes about being part of these companies.