Gene Ellison The Fishing Machine

Get to Know Gene Ellison The Fishing Machine

DockTalk365 Massachusetts

Being a professional angler is the dream of so many anglers. Boston’s Gene Ellison is one of those anglers living this dream. Gene not only has developed his very successful The Fishing Machine brand but also has made a powerful impact on our sport. So when Gene agreed to the interview, I knew there was a lot to cover. This is a must read for all anglers with professional fishing aspirations. Gene offers a number of unique takes on what it takes to be a successful full-time or part-time professional angler. I find Gene’s take on sponsorship particularly interesting. This is one of those interviews that you will want to read and reread. There is a lot here that will make you think.

Time for Some GetbentTV

DockTalk365 Massachusetts

I get such a kick out of the guys from GetbentTV. They not only do a great job covering fishing but are also a lot of fun to watch. Coming out of Massachusetts, these guys not only fish some of the State’s top waters but also take some fishing trips to new places as well. I spent some time getting …

Time for Some CashBass

DockTalk365 Massachusetts

I had a chance to interview Ben, one of the co-founders of CashBass. This is an upcoming fishing company out of Massachusetts. Find about Ben and the brand by reading the interview here.

Luck Favors the Prepared: Fishing Interview with Matt Razey

DockTalk365 Massachusetts

I love following Matt Razey. I find his Freak Finder project and concept really cool. I am intrigued with how he thinks about fishing from a bigger perspective. Keep reading to see what I mean… Lets start with the saying at the top of the Instagram. “Luck favors the prepared”. How does that saying apply in very practical ways to …

Interview with Gin Clear Blog Author Dean Wormell

DockTalk365 Massachusetts, New York

Dean Wormell describes himself as an “occasional blogger”. Dean is an avid fisherman who has a great ability to engage his readers through written word. I have enjoyed reading his blog posts and am so grateful he was willing to take some time to let me ask him a few questions. Your last blog post highlights your top 12  days …

The Joy of Fishing

DockTalk365 Connecticut, Massachusetts

I love anglers who show their love for fishing. Heather aka Fishtress is one of those anglers. I also have a love for small boats and Heather fills us in not only on her fishing but also the construction of her fishing machine. One of the many things I love about following your page is how much of an advocate you are for women getting involved in the sport of …

Interview with Bass Stryker Outdoors

DockTalk365 Maine, Massachusetts

This interview with Bass Stryker Outdoors’ Greg Perreault covers a bit of everything on New England fishing. We hit his favorite places to wet a line in Massachusetts; his recent bass fishing trip to Maine; a review of Lakeside Hotel and Cabins on Cobbosseecontee Lake; information about a great competitive bass fishing organization; and his YouTube Vlogs. So start reading …