Susquehanna River Fishing Club

Get to Know Susquehanna River Fishing Club

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The Susquehanna River Fishing Club is a great organization bringing anglers together who love fishing this amazing fishery. We discussed the club with Don Goff and learned about why it is something you should definitely check out if you love fishing the Susquehanna.

Rocky Droneburg with an awesome river smallmouth bass.

River Fishing with Rocky Droneburg

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Ever think about building your own custom river jet boat to chase shallow water river smallmouth bass? Rocky Droneburg has and is doing just that. This interview discusses his new boat and the building process and his fishing of the Potomac and Susquehanna Rivers.

Scott Johnson Catches Fish in All Conditions

Shallow Water Rivers in All Conditions with Scott Johnson

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Professional guides don’t have the option of sitting out a day on the water due to tough conditions. Also, days without fish in the boat are not good for business. So, I took the opportunity to ask Life Outdoors Unlimited Guide Scott Johnson about how he fishes through tough conditions. Scott guides on two amazing fisheries, Susquehanna River and Upper Potomac. Both are known for their clear shallow water and their amazing smallmouth bass fishing. In this interview, Scott teaches us how to get it done no matter what the conditions.

Fishing the Upper Potomac River with Joe Nielsen

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The Upper Potomac River is one of those extraordinary fisheries that many people overlook in favor of the largemouth paradise of the tidal Potomac. But this water while not the easiest place to access and fish provides some great fishing. We had the opportunity to talk to Joe Nielsen who loves this body of water and details some of the …

Interview with Maryland’s Water Warrior Fishing – Part 1

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┬áIn life, I love two types of people more than any others. The first is people who have a passion for what they do. The second is people who have fun while they do it. I have said it before, but there are people that you can tell just from their photos on Instagram are those types of people. I …