Blue Marsh Lake Fishing with Dock Talk 365

Blue Marsh Lake Fishing
Blue Marsh Lake Fishing with Garrett Gincley

Blue Marsh Lake is located in South Central Pennsylvania. This man-made lake is one of the larger lakes in its area and offers fishing for a number of different species. The lake is not easy to fish and can be a challenge for even experienced anglers. We breakdown Blue Marsh Lake fishing for you with information about the Lake as well as our Dock Talk 365 angler interviews.

Blue Marsh Lake Fishing Overview

Blue Marsh Lake is located northwest of the city of Reading in Berks County in Southeastern Pennsylvania is a flood control man-made lake. Philadelphia District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers maintains the lake. The lake weighs in at 1,147 surface acres.

Blue Marsh Lake fishing includes a lot of different species available to anglers. common warm water species in the lake include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white and black crappie, carp, pumpkinseed, bluegill, green sunfish, yellow and brown bullheads, and channel and white catfish. The increasing reports of muskie being caught encourage muskie hunters. Walleye, striped bass inhabit the lake as well.

Blue Marsh Lake fishing has a reputation of being challenging. Anglers must compete with recreational activities. The lake is popular when the weather is warm enough for swimming, pleasure boating, jet skiing and water skiing.

Blue Marsh Lake changes significantly in the fall and winter due to an annual five-foot draw-down. Anglers can scout the lake for structure during the draw-down that can’t be seen in the spring and summer.

The lake has three boat launches: Dry Brooks Boat Launch, State Hill Boat Launch and Sheldy Boat Ramp. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operates Dry Brooks and State Hill and require a small charge. The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission operates Sheldy. There is no charge for Sheldy but it requires proper state permits.

All fishing and boating regulations are managed and enforced by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission.

Blue Marsh Lake Fishing Dock Talk 365 Interviews

Here are our interviews about Blue Marsh Lake fishing with anglers who know how to fish this Keystone State Lake.

Blue Marsh Lake Muskie
Zack Orth

Fishing Blue Marsh with Zack Orth

Our first interview on Blue Marsh Lake fishing was with Zack Orth in December of 2016. I first noticed Zack because he was catching big muskie on Blue Marsh. In this interview we cover his muskie fishing as well as the other species he targets when Blue Marsh Lake fishing, such as catfish and largemouth bass. We also cover some other Pennsylvania waters as well as a recent trip he took in the Adirondacks.


Blue Marsh Lake Bass
Garrett Gincley

A Kayak Angler’s Guide to Fishing PA’s Blue Marsh Lake

For all of you kayak anglers, this is a great interview. Garrett Gincley takes on fishing this sometimes challenging and busy body of water from his kayak. He primarily targets both largemouth and smallmouth bass out of the many species in the lake. In this interview, we talk about Blue Marsh Lake fishing from a kayak throughout the seasons, Spring through Fall. Garrett goes into detail about the kayaks he uses and what makes them ideal for Blue Marsh Lake fishing.


Gary Rothweiler with a Blue Marsh Lake Largemouth Bass
Gary Rothweiler

Finesse Fishing Blue Marsh Lake with Gary Rothweiler

Gary Rothweiler hasn’t been fishing Blue Marsh long but has already experienced some great bass fishing on the lake. One of the keys to his success has been ditching the power fishing gear and going exclusively finesse techniques. In this interview, Gary talks about the transition to finesse gear as well as the specific techniques that he has been using to find Blue Marsh lake bass.

Blue Marsh Lake Fishing Videos

We compiled our favorite Blue Marsh Lake fishing videos into a Playlist over at our Dock Talk 365 YouTube Channel. You will find a number of great videos like this one by Garrett Gincley kayak fishing on Blue Marsh.


Blue Marsh Lake Fishing Resources

There is a lot of great information about Blue Marsh Lake fishing out there. We have helped you by searching to find some of the best resources to prepare for your next fishing trip to Blue Marsh.

The Fish of Blue Marsh – This article on provides an overview of the species that can be caught in the lake. Their information gives you a start in thinking through when and where to fish each species on the lake.

Fishing in Blue Marsh Lake Facebook Public Group – A growing group of anglers are participating in this Facebook Group. They actively show their catches and seem quick to help other anglers looking to be successful on Blue Marsh.

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