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Talking Fishing with Benny Snyder

Benny Snyder Fishing

I had a chance to talk with Benny Snyder about his fishing. Benny is an avid angler with a lot of experience chasing down largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Recently you posted on your Instagram the quote “Don’t Expect Perfection. Embrace The Process.” How do you apply this quote to your fishing?

In my journey to becoming a professional angler, this quote reminds me that this journey will be long and hard. And that no matter how hard I try I will never achieve perfection.

I want to ask you about three places that you fish. First, the Susquehanna River…what section of the river do you fish?

I fish Lake Augusta in Northumberland the majority of the time. I love the diversity of the river. You can fish a wide range of techniques and have success in such a small area.

What are your favorite baits for Susquehanna River smallmouth?

I like spinnerbaits and tubes. Spinnerbaits are a great way to cover water and find actively feeding bass. Once the fish are found the tube allows me to slow down and pick apart an area.

How about Keuka Lake?

Unlike the Susquehanna River, Keuka Lake is a clear glacier lake with a large amount of docks and grass. Keuka Lake gives me the opportunity to fish using different techniques.

What have been your most successful baits on Keuka?

I really like using a dropshot. The dropshot works well for me around the docks and grass lines.

Benny Snyder with a Sayers Lake Largemouth BassThe next lake is Sayers Lake in central PA. How often have you fished Sayers?

I try to fish Sayers anywhere from 5 to 10 times a year. Using my Humminbird electronics to find deeper fish has always been the key for me.

You caught a nice chunk there in the fall on a jig and talked about how much you enjoy jig fishing. What do you like about jig fishing?

Jigs are a versatile bait. You can fish them all year as well as a wide range of water depths. I have confidence using a jig, knowing that I will not get as many bites, but will catch a better quality of fish.

Tell us about GRT jigs. What do you like about these baits?

I like GRT jigs because of the unique head design that works well in all different covers. I keep my trailer selection pretty simple. In the colder months, I use a subtle trailer with less action like a chunk style. In the warmer months, I use a Strike King Rage Craw. My color selection varies with the clarity of the water.

I know you are ready to fish some BFL events this year. What events are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to all of the BFL’s. I will be traveling to many fisheries I have never fished before which will allow me to advance my skill set.

What pro staff companies and sponsors do you work with?

TH Marine and Jenko Fishing. TH Marine is the industrial leader, selling cutting edge products for your boat from bow to stern. Jenko Fishing has a wide selection of lures, from hair jigs to deep diving crankbaits that have their own unique design. Using their products gives me the confidence that I need while on the water.

Thanks Benny! Good luck this year. Can’t wait to see all of your success on Instagram @b_snyderfishing.