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Behind The Fishing Passion of Ron Desimone

Ron Desimone Fishing Passion

I am privileged to do this blog. I get to meet so many people who love fishing. Ron Desimone is no exception. In getting to know Ron, I found someone who is completely dedicated to fishing as well as passing on the sport to others. In this interview, we tap into what is behind his fishing passion and how he represents the companies he supports.

It is clear that someone has a passion for fishing when they have PowerPro as ornaments for their Christmas tree. Where did your passion for fishing come from?

My dad, he took me fishing as much as he could which wasn’t enough due to the lifestyle and times I grew up in. The passion started very young, probably around 8 year’s old. When I reached my teens I was able to ride my bike to local waters which increased my fishing opportunities and experiences.

What keeps the passion going?

The passion for getting as many people interested and involved into this sport. When my children were young I took them as much as time allowed. I was in a local club and fishing many local circuits when they were younger. I would fish father/child tournaments as well just fun fishing with them. It was quality family time.

When my daughters and son reached school age they become very active in sports. Fishing took a back seat for a few years due to I was coaching and attending their events. My oldest daughter graduated in 2007 my youngest daughter in 2008 one year later my son entered high school and wanted to start fishing more. All three are graduated college athletes. Fishing, being outdoors, was their release from academics and athletics.

So I bought a used Ranger, my 4th one, in 2009 and then a new one in 2015. The youth are the future of this sport. We have to set positive example for these kids. Now that I have 3 grandkids…4th one due in August…I’m going to do the same for them. Involve them in the great outdoors in which fishing will be huge part of their lives.

Ron Desimone and His Wife

Fishing is obviously a family experience for you. What makes your wife such a great fishing partner?

First and foremost she is the only partner I don’t mind sharing a room with…lol. She missed out on so much due to my fishing obligations and raising our kids. We are making up for it in hurry with her being in the boat more often. She is very determined to learn as much as she can. She is very “coachable”.

All the kids are raised moved on with their lives so it is just me and her at home. We currently fish a circuit “Michiana Casting Couples.” It will be our 4th year. What a great organization and great people. A lot of husband and wife and father and daughter teams. My wife really enjoys the competiveness of tournament fishing. We’ve been fortunate to have some success and she loves that. She realizes it’s not about the money it’s about spending quality time together and sharing my passion.

We make 2 to 3 trips up north together every year now. She is getting very good. She loves catching those big smallies.

How much do you still get to fish with your kids now that they are older?

All my children fish however not as much as I would like to see. My son works in Tampa at the moment so when he does get home we do get out. This will all change this year as we bought waterfront property in Michigan and will be building in May. We currently live in Indiana on the Indiana/Michigan line so we have been close to Michigan for a long time and absolutely love it. This will make it much easier to get them involved again.

What is it like to be able to fish with your grandchildren?

Fishing with grandkids is such an awesome experience. You have to be patient but it’s so rewarding to have them with you at such a young age. They really do enjoy it as do I. In my opinion if more kids fished or spent time outdoors there would be fewer problems in this world.

Ron Desimone with a big Smallmouth BassWhat do you consider your home bass waters?

Southwest Michigan has many lakes; Klinger, Eagle, Paw Paw, St Joseph River, Magician are some of my favorites. Brian Smallbone and I fish a Thursday night circuit hosted by Clear H2O Tackle, and we fish many of these lakes.

I try to fish as many lakes with a smallmouth population, and yes all these meets my requirements. I love those brown torpedoes. However when the smallies don’t corporate I fish for those green bass as well.

What are your “up north” waters?

Up north is Frankfort, Traverse City, Indian River and the Upper Peninsula…all in Michigan. So many to mention, Elk, Torch, Skegmog, Bellaire, Intermediate Chain, Grand Traverse Bay, Platte Lake, Little Traverse Bay, Crooked, Lake Huron, Mullet, Long just to name a few.

What makes each of these great places to bass fish?

You know Minnesota advertises land of 10,000 lakes well Michigan has over 11,000. Many of these waters are so clear you can see down 25 to 30 feet depending on time of year. Not all lakes are as clear which requires you to adapt.

At the busy times of the year you can find many bodies of water with no boat traffic or fishermen. The pace of life up north is so refreshing. It’s not all about the hustle and bustle. All the people local and tourists are all very nice. We have never had any issues at boat ramps or with residents on the water. Oh yea not to mention the fishing is phenomenal!!!

The state record smallmouth has been broken 2 times in the last 3 to 4 years with the latest coming from Indian River in 2016 weighing in at 9.98 pounds. Before it was broke the state record was over 100 years old.

Ron with a big SmallmouthWhat are you favorite fishing techniques?

I’m very versatile. I’m comfortable with finesse as well power fishing. I enjoy fishing shallow, 10 feet or less, but can adapt to fishing deeper. Jackall top water, Jerk baits, Fire Cracker, Super Eruption, TN series, Flick shake & Neko worms, cross tail shad, rhythm wave, and their crank baits have you covered top to bottom. I also fish a tube quite a bit. The crawling tube is a 2 3/4” tube with some added features. This little tube has done very well for us in recent years.

Being versatile really helps you overcome the adversities of fishing. As many of us know fish are very moody and require us anglers to overcome many obstacles with the weather being the number one obstacle. I’m a firm believer wind is your friend however it’s tough to fish the wind all day as it wears on you mentally and physically. I love gravel flats mixed in with boulders along with some scattered grass. I’ve learned you can never fish to shallow.

You are a member of Master Brand Advocate. What is that?

Shimano as well all trademarks G. Loomis, Jackall and PowerPro and MBA pro staffer, me, mutually agree to exclusively promote the family of Shimano fishing products.

And what do you do for them?

Represent Shimano with positive public morals at all times. Make up to 3 promotional appearances, promote via social media posts Instagram as well Angler Track to name just a few requirements.

I’m honored and humbled to be part of the Shimano family. I donate prizes that I accumulate throughout the year at tournaments as well help out local retailers with prizes for their classic tournaments. I’m blessed to be able to help out others.

I’m in the process of organizing a “Youth Fishing Open House/Sale”. This will be the first event of its kind in our area geared toward the youth. I have 2 local retailers that are on board in helping to host this event with April as our target month.

My plan is this; us anglers have accumulated so much over the years whether its rods, reels and tackle. So we anglers will rent table space from the retailer, and the retailer can do what he wants with that money. One has mentioned he will donate to a local high school to help with forming a fishing team.

We anglers then will sell new, slightly used gear and tackle at discount prices to make it affordable for these kids. Of course I will be promoting all Shimano brands however all of us involved have to remember we are on the same team with the goal of getting as many youth involved in our sport.

The youth are very important to me. I’m fortunate enough to have built a pole building on my property so when my kids where home they used it as their sports facility. I now use it to store my boat as well give baseball/softball hitting and pitching lesson 5 days a week to many boys and girls. I also use this time to talk fishing and promote Shimano as well as get them involved in the outdoors. I have taken a few fishing and plan to do more of the same moving forward.

Shimano ReelsI have been fishing Shimano reels for close to 40 years after I gave up my Zebco 77 and 202. What do you like about Shimano reels?

Great to hear you’re a Shimano supporter. I think we all had a few Zebco 77’s and then moved up to the 202. I was part of a Shimano pro staff in the 90’s however when I put my fishing career on hold this relationship was also on hold. In the last 3 years a good friend of mine that was responsible for my Prostaff days in the 90’s got me involved again.

Shimano has a product that will meet everyone’s price range and they don’t sacrifice product durability for price. Shimano customer service and warranty departments are top notch in the industry.

Shimano is the leader with so many state-of art-technologies in their reels as well all products they produce. I will mention a few. Hagane gears implemented on many reels has added even more strength and durability. X-Ship provides improved gear durability. Dyna balance eliminates wobbling during the retrieve. G Free Body Technology shifts the reel’s center of gravity closer to the rod to help reduce fatigue as well casting comfort. MGL Spool reduces the moment of inertia allowing greater casting distance and accuracy. C14+ material reduces the weight of the reel. Core Protect to protect water resistance without creating a heavy rotation feeling. S AR-B are bearings that feature shields on both sides of bearings that reduces the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearings rotation.

If I only allowed you one Shimano spinning and one Shimano baitcasting? Which are you picking?

The Stradic spinning CI4+ and the Chronarch CI4+ casting. I still have many older Stradics with the wood handles.

Now for someone getting into fishing or someone who doesn’t have the resources to go higher end. Which of their lower cost reels do you recommend?

Spinning reels such a Sienna are priced at $29.99, New Nexave HG $59.99, Sedona $69.99 Sahara $79.99, Symetre now the Nasci $99.99 are available in sizes for pan fishing as well multiple species sizes. Casting reels such as Caius $79.99 Caenan $79.99 and Casitas $99.99 are great choices for those wanting to enter the casting reel market without breaking the bank. Many of these reels mentioned are in the Desimone family arsenal.

I stress this all time…you don’t need the most expensive equipment. You just need the passion and the determination to make it happen.

How do all of the products you represent help you be a better angler?

When I refer to the Shimano family of fishing products in my posts this includes; Shimano Rods and reels, G Loomis Rods, PowerPro braided lines and Jackall Baits. Shimano has you covered in every aspect of putting more fish in the boat.

When you have confidence in every aspect of your equipment it is such a relief. From the braided line to the sensitivity and strength of G Loomis and Shimano rods and the durability of the reels and all the offerings from Jackall baits it cannot but help you become a better angler. I can’t stress how important the word “confidence” is in your equipment. I often say confidence it the best bait in your tackle box. That goes right along with all of your equipment.

Thank you Ron! Thank you so much for everything you do for fishing. I will continue to watch the great work you are doing on Instagram @rddesimone.