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Bass Fishing with Victor Capobianco

Victor Capobianco Ontario Bass Fishing

Victor Capobianco is a fantastic Ontario bass fisherman. We talk to Victor about both his tournament and recreational fishing. Join me in learning about this very talented angler.

How was your trip to Cuba? Did you get to do any fishing?

My trip to Cuba was phenomenal. I went there with my family for our family vacation. I did get some fishing in with my older son Marcus who is 9. We caught a few snapper and lost a barracuda and tarpon. It was a pretty windy day which didn’t make things easy but now I know for next time.

How long have you been fishing?

I have been fishing since I was 2 years old. My grandfather who was my father figure in my life took me everywhere with him when I wasn’t in school. My earliest memories are being in grade school and every summer going to Earl Rowe Provincial Park in Alliston. Best memories I have.

Victor Capobianco Smallmouth Bass

How was your 2017 tournament season?

My 2017 tournament season was ok. I didn’t get to do a lot of the events I wanted. In June and July I was working night shift from Sunday to Thursday setting up a race track for the Honda Indy.

My best highlight of the year was winning one of the hours at the Quinte Big Bass Challenge on opening day. Not only did we catch 140 plus fish that day, which is the best day I’ve ever had, we had one big enough to win us $1000.

Another highlight of the day was after racing back to get that fish weighed in for that hour I lost my drain plug. So when I came back to the boat after weighing in there was quite a bit of water in it. But I jumped in the water, slapped another plug in, got changed and went back to look for another one.

Another moment was helping a non-boater in the club win Angler Of The Year. He was the first non-boater to ever win it.

What tournaments are you looking for the most in 2018?

This year I’m looking forward to fishing the Quinte Big Bass Challenge, The Canadian Tire Open on Erie and all our club events. We started a new club this year that I am the VP of and am looking forward to having a great first year. Also looking forward to our provincial qualifier with BASS in hopes to make team Ontario and go down south next year to fish the divisional’s.

Tournament or recreationally, what are your 5 favorite Ontario waters to bass fish?

So my 5 favorite Ontario lakes to fish for bass are:

Bay of Quinte: It has to be one the best largemouth fisheries in Ontario. Like I said before I fished one shoreline all day and caught 140 plus fish. There are areas in that lake that when you find them they are stacked.

Gloucester Pool: This lake is probably 1 of my top 2. I have tournament and recreational fished this lake for years. I’ve always done well. It is one lake that no matter what’s going on I can find them. Plus Ione of my biggest largemouth I’ve ever caught came from this lake.

Georgian Bay: This is the other of my top 2 lakes. I spent a whole summer and part of the fall searching areas for buckets. I can see from the last two lakes you can tell I like buckets. And I’ve got this lake pretty figured out of areas that they are there all year. Plus you never get small ones in this body water. They all seem to be that much bigger.

Lake Dalrymple: Now this lake has more sentimental value to me then anything else. My grandfather used to take me here when I was younger with my uncle. Years later when my son was 4 years old I took him. His first fish that he ever caught on his own was a 5 pound smallie! Best day of my life! To be able to share something like that with my son the way it was shared with me in unbelievable.

Last but not least Lake Erie: I had a love hate relationship with this lake for many years. It would never give me a limit for the first 4 years I fished it. But with some more time, patience and a little help from a friend I have this place pretty dialed in. I have caught my biggest smallmouth here at just over 7 pounds and weighed in numerous bags over 20.

Victor Capobianco Tournament FishingIn one of your pre-tournament posts, you took a shot of your rod locker and said “looking for 1 giant”. What do you consider your #1 giant bass confidence bait?

Well as any people like to knock it, my confidence bait is a Senko when it comes to all lakes except one. If I’m on lake Erie it’s a completely different thing. But for the most part a Senko. Specifically Texas rigged with a 3/32oz weight.

Now for me it’s about patience and lure placement. Also colour comes into play also. I have 3 colours that I use all year and different lakes have different colours. Patience is the first thing because a lot of guys just throw it out quickly let it sink for a sec and reel up. Myself I’m more of what you call a line watcher. I have 60lb yellow braid and I paint the last 3’ with a black crawfish marker. I watch my bait go right to the bottom and then not just pull it back but work it back into every crevice that I can. Even around docks or open water my approach is the same. But a lot of guys don’t have that patience. For me it my go to and that will never change.

What is the story behind your personal best smallmouth?

My PB bass was on Lake Erie on November 3rd 2012. There was a tournament series that used to go out of Crystal Beach in November called the Frosties. Ran every weekend in November. Now this is back when I didn’t have much experience on Lake Erie except a few years. I was just looking at my graph to find some humps. I had heard about the Canadian shoal so I figured lets check it out.

It was a pretty rough day out windy with 3 feet waves and again I didn’t know much about big water. I had on a 1/2 ounce tube jig with a Phoenix tube that the lady at the local tackle store gave me and said I need to try it.

So I’m out in 40 feet of water and probably 150 feet of line out when I feel some weight. So I lift up my rod and I set the hook, well as soon as I do that I see this fish from about 60 yards out come flying out of the water. Now at first I didn’t think it was that big until I started getting it closer to the boat, and I could not get her to come up. Then the line went slack and this giant come jumping out of the water again right in front me.

I started screaming at my partner to get the net, he reaches over to grab it and the handle breaks. So now we have a net with no handle and he is literally half way over the boat trying to scoop this thing. He gets it in the boat and we are both in awe. I have never seen nor caught one that big in my life. Needless to say the rest of the day was fire. We caught fish after fish an weighed in just under 27 pounds to take 3rd place.

Looks like you have an up and coming tournament angler. What has it been like for you getting to teach your son to fish?

Yes I hope I have an up and coming tournament angler. I’m not gonna lie there are times that are frustrating because they want to do what you are doing and sometimes that results in lots of trees or snags but I love it every time I can get him in the boat with me.

He listens very well for the most part and likes to experiment with different lures. We actually went on a family vacation to Rice Lake last summer and the one day I couldn’t get bit. He asked if he could try a small black swim bait with no weight so I let him have at it. Needless to say he out fished me 8 to 1 and I learned something.

My younger is gonna be at that age this year that I will start teaching him also. The biggest things I hope my kids learn is patience and respect. Respect for what nature has provided us with and patience because the fish are not gonna always bite. You need to stop think and take your time for you to find them.

Is there a new fishing tattoo planned?

I cant say there is any new fishing tattoos planned. Currently my whole sleeve tattoo is fishing and hunting. I have a skeleton of a largemouth, a guy fishing, my bass boat, some lake scenery and a saying that says “I go fishing not to find myself, but to loose myself” by Joseph Monniger.

Who are your current sponsors/pro staff companies?

My current sponsors this year are Kistler rods, X Zone Lures, Skoll Gear, Lews Reels, and Spro. Now Kistler has been a sponsor for a lot of years, and I would not trade those rods for any other. Every rod in my boat is a Kistler. Their product is quality and they perform great.

Rods and reels are always key to any angler. All of us have our own opinions about different brands. But I feel that the quality products Kistler and Lew provide are what is key. Having stuff that can take a beating and work efficiently consistently is what helps me be more successful.

Now as for baits have the right texture, size, colour and profile are what make me have confidence and help put fish in the boat. X Zone Lures and Spro provide that confidence with their great baits.

Skoll makes a SPF jersey and outwear products for on the water to protect us from the sun. That is very important to my success because being burnt not only can cause skin damage but hurts days after. Head protection, torcs and shirts are all part of me having a great day all the time.

Thank you Victor! I can’t wait to follow your 2018 fishing success on Instagram @vcjoker.