Fishing a drop shot is an important technique in today’s fishing arsenal. Drop shotting often excels when other techniques go cold. We decided to ask Ontario angler Rich Faragher about his tips to fishing with a drop shot. Rich provides a lot of good information to get anyone started in adding a drop shot rig to their fishing options. Read More →

Musky fishing is such a unique art. We interview a lot of big time musky hunters here at Dock Talk 365. But we have yet to encounter a guy that exclusively focuses his or her musky efforts with a fly rod. Today’s interview is with David Sullivan who chases down big Quebec musky with a fly rod in his hand. As you read this interview, you will see this guy has a dedication and passion for what he is doing. While he doesn’t consider himself an expert yet, he gives us great insight into how he is approaching his pursuit.Read More →

I really respect fisherman who can consistently pull big largemouth out my home State of Pennsylvania. Derek Stitt is a PA bass angler that does well fishing both tournaments and recreationally on some of the Keystone State’s big bass waters. All of us can learn from his experiences, which heRead More →

Jeff Rose with a Hair Jig Smallie

As water temperatures drop, it is a good time to consider throwing a hair jig. I noticed Jeff Rose under the handle @hairjigger on Instagram and figured he would be a great guy to ask about throwing these baits for bass. Lots of great info here. I personally believe thatRead More →

When I first started fishing blogging, I quickly found the YouTube channel of AMFisH. I was immediately impressed by Billy G, the man behind AMFisH. This Ontario fisherman’s knowledge of fishing provides such a unique angle on fishing techniques. His vlogs are professionally done and very engaging. So, I was quite happy when he was willing to discuss fishing vlogging 101.Read More →