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BassGeek Arkie Jig Fishing

Arkie Jig Fishing with YouTube’s BassGeek

Not too long ago, I found the BassGeek on Twitter. I followed the links to his YouTube channelĀ and was immediately impressed with the BassGeek’s knowledge of fishing. The BassGeek is Virginia’sĀ Hank Rogers. Out of the topics Hank covers on his YouTube channel, I wanted to talk about jig fishing, particularly his use of the Arkie style jig. Hank provides a tutorial about Arkie jig fishing that the best of us bass geeks will love.

fishing rod selection

Rod Selection and Fishing Strategy with Elliott LaRose

Learning from really smart anglers is what DockTalk365 is all about. And this interview is a great case example of the wisdom from the angler’s that are interviewed on this blog. This interview is with Elliott LaRose. Elliott is a Connecticut angler that knows his fishing. I tapped his fishing mind and got a wealth of info. I love his take on rod selection and fishing strategy. Elliott also highlights his favorite local waters and gives us specifics on how he fishes them.

Swimbaits for Big Bass in Maine? Absolutely!

Jesse is fishing big swimbaits throughout the year in Maine and catching big bass. He was willing to share his knowledge with us. The result is an amazing article on swimbaits for fishing anywhere in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic.

How To Drop Shot with Rich Faragher

Fishing a drop shot is an important technique in today’s fishing arsenal. Drop shotting often excels when other techniques go cold. We decided to ask Ontario angler Rich Faragher about his tips to fishing with a drop shot. Rich provides a lot of good information to get anyone started in adding a drop shot rig to their fishing options.

Fly Fishing for Big Musky with David Sullivan

Musky fishing is such a unique art. We interview a lot of big time musky hunters here at Dock Talk 365. But we have yet to encounter a guy that exclusively focuses his or her musky efforts with a fly rod. Today’s interview is with David Sullivan who chases down big Quebec musky with a fly rod in his hand. As you read this interview, you will see this guy has a dedication and passion for what he is doing. While he doesn’t consider himself an expert yet, he gives us great insight into how he is approaching his pursuit.

Center Pin Fishing with Arthur Jeco Reinoso

Center Pin Fishing

We were honored to get a chance to interview Arthur Jeco Reinoso aka @Angling_Art on Instagram. He describes his Instagram page as where “angling…

Appomattox River Company Shop

Canoe or Kayak?

Vince from Appomattox River Company. shares his perspective between canoes and kayaks.