Flipping with Lucas Bogosian

Lucas Bogosian is a New Jersey professional angler who loves to flip. We spend some time with Lucas discussing his love of this style of fishing. How was your 2017 fishing season? The 2017 fishing season was pretty tough for me. I had a lot go wrong from getting flatsRead More →

Rocky Droneburg Smallmouth Bass

Ever think about building your own custom river jet boat to chase shallow water river smallmouth bass? Rocky Droneburg has and is doing just that. This interview discusses his new boat and the building process and his fishing of the Potomac and Susquehanna Rivers.Read More →

Scott Johnson Catches Fish in All Conditions

Professional guides don’t have the option of sitting out a day on the water due to tough conditions. Also, days without fish in the boat are not good for business. So, I took the opportunity to ask Life Outdoors Unlimited Guide Scott Johnson about how he fishes through tough conditions. Scott guides on two amazing fisheries, Susquehanna River and Upper Potomac. Both are known for their clear shallow water and their amazing smallmouth bass fishing. In this interview, Scott teaches us how to get it done no matter what the conditions.Read More →

BassGeek Arkie Jig Fishing

Not too long ago, I found the BassGeek on Twitter. I followed the links to his YouTube channel and was immediately impressed with the BassGeek’s knowledge of fishing. The BassGeek is Virginia’s Hank Rogers. Out of the topics Hank covers on his YouTube channel, I wanted to talk about jig fishing, particularly his use of the Arkie style jig. Hank provides a tutorial about Arkie jig fishing that the best of us bass geeks will love.Read More →

fishing rod selection

Learning from really smart anglers is what DockTalk365 is all about. And this interview is a great case example of the wisdom from the angler’s that are interviewed on this blog. This interview is with Elliott LaRose. Elliott is a Connecticut angler that knows his fishing. I tapped his fishing mind and got a wealth of info. I love his take on rod selection and fishing strategy. Elliott also highlights his favorite local waters and gives us specifics on how he fishes them.Read More →