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Balsam Lake with Aaron Segin

Balsam Lake Fishing with Aaron Segin
Balsam Lake Northern Pike

Balsam Lake sometimes get overlooked with other waters like Lake Simcoe nearby. But anglers in this area know the great fishing that Balsam can offer. Aaron Segin took some time to discuss Balsam Lake, which is his favorite place to fish. Aaron also represents a number of great fishing companies and tells us what he likes about being part of these companies.

When did you first start fishing Balsam Lake and what has been a favorite moment?

I’ve started fishing this lake fairly recently. Best moment on the lake so far was going into the shallows to the muskie spawning grounds, and seeing some monsters.

What makes Balsam such a special fishery for you?

Because of the friendships that I’ve built while on the water.

What is your favorite time of year to fish Balsam?

I’ve actually got two times of the year that are my favorite to fish it. First is spring time for pike, second is summer for bass, pickerel and muskie.

What are your favorite species to fish on Balsam Lake?

I love fishing for pike, bass pickerel, and muskie. The quality for pike and bass is very good, lots of them around, but for muskie and pickerel the numbers aren’t what they used to be.

What are some of your favorite methods for fishing your favorite species on Balsam?

It really varies on the conditions of the day and water, but generally I use spoons, crankbaits, senkos, jigs, and big jerk baits.

What method do you go to when the fishing is tough and you can’t seem to buy a bite?

The method I’ve always had luck with even when the bite is hard is, with a spoon you give quick jerks with a 5 second rest in between.

What do you feel are some of the biggest mistakes anglers make on Balsam when fishing it for the first time?

Not spending enough time in the spots they choose. I’ve seen guys pull up to a spot, spend less then a minute then take off to another spot, and do the same.

Who are your sponsors?

My current sponsors are Sköll Gear, Liquid Mayhem, Enigma Fishing, Ardent Outdoors, Lucky Tackle Box, Solar Bat Glasses, Roadside Ventures Adventure Gear, and Action Airetail.

I love being apart of these company’s because they are just the nicest group of people you’ll ever meet, and they make you feel like family.

Thank you Aaron. Follow Aaron on Twitter to keep up with all of his fishing.