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Arkansas Bass Fishing with Raymond Mosley

In this Angler Profile, we talk to Arkansas bass angler Raymond Mosley. Raymond talks about his love of fishing, his personal best largemouth, favorite places to fish and his fishing with his son. 

How has your 2018 fishing season been so far?

I’ve had a great 2018 season. Still have a couple big tournaments to go. The most memorable tournament was winning the Star Daze Annual bass tournament with my 14 year old son, Jesse, on Cane Creek in Star City, Arkansas. We started out that morning not catching anything. At 9:30 we pulled up on a flat with old lily pad stems. So I picked up a 6 inch hollow body swimbait in sexy shad color. We sat in that one spot until 1:45 and caught 18 pounds.

Also fishing the Arkansas Big Bass tournament on the Arkansas river was a highlight. I won an hour with a 5 pounder and 3rd in 2 different hours. Jesse won 3rd in an hour. He also won 3rd overall in the willow leaf division. It’s for kids who are grades in school 9 to 12.

Another big bass tournament that stands out this year was the Ronald McDonald Big Bass in West Monroe, Louisiana on the Ouachita River. I placed 3rd in a hour.

When did you start fishing? 

I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember. I remember fishing with my dad in the backwaters of North Louisiana out of a old 12 foot aluminum boat. The little boat was shaky and I liked moving around. So dad would put me in a cardboard box so I couldn’t fall out of the boat, and we would fish all day.

Raymond Loves Arkansas Fishing

When did you start tournament fishing?

I started fishing bass tournaments when I was 26. I fish a tournament almost every weekend. I’m very competitive. I love trying to figure out where the bass are and what they want to eat and when it all comes together there’s know better feeling.

What is your personal best largemouth bass? 

My best bass I’ve ever caught was one night in June a few years ago. She weighed 13.6. I caught her on a black buzz bait. I made a long cast toward the bank. About 20 feet into my retrieve what seemed like a 2 pounder rolled on the bait.

I kept reeling, about 10 feet from the boat she grabbed it, and the fight was on. After I got her in the boat and stopped shaking, I realized the only thing I had her by was the trailer hook. So now I won’t throw a buzzbait or spinnerbait without a trailer. You never know those 2 pounder that you think that role on your bait may be a bass of a lifetime.

What do you consider your favorite Arkansas largemouth bass places to fish? 

Here in South Arkansas we have the Mississippi, Arkansas, and White rivers on the east side of the State. Also one of the largest oxbow lakes, Lake Chicot in Lake Village, Arkansas. Southwest we have the Ouachita River. About 6 miles from my house is Lake Monticello in Monticello, Arkansas. It’s a man made lake that was open to the public in the late 90’s. It was stocked with Florida bass. That’s where I caught my 13 pounder.

My favorite water out of all of them to fish is the Arkansas River. You can fish for a week and fish something different everyday. Next would be Ouachita River because there’s a lot of backwater lakes that are filled with lily pads. It’s a top water fisherman’s dream.

What do you feel are your 3 strongest fishing methods?

My favorite way to fish is topwater like frogs and flukes. Second would be cranking. DT-6 Rapala. Bass love it. Third would be fishing 10 inch worms in deep water in the hottest days of summer. I like V&M and 10 inch Smartbaits.

What do you consider the top keys for anglers to catch fish on your favorite Arkansas fisheries?

Do your homework on the water your fishing and find the bait fish. Also be patient and stick to your plans and trust the decisions you make and be confident in yourself. Never give up. I’ve caught some of the biggest bass in a tournament, in the last 15 minutes.

I know you are a big fan of Ardent reels. If you had to recommend one all around baitcasting and one spinning combo for anglers on a limited budget, what would you pick?

For baitcasting, Ardent Tournament Pro casting rod with a Ardent Apex Elite reel. It’s great for any kind of fishing you want to do. Spinning rod would be the Ardent Tournament Pro spinning rod with Ardent C-force spinning reel. Ardent has other great rods and reels. Plus performance shirts, hats, reel cleaning kits.

Raymond and Jesse Mosley Catching Bass

Your Instagram seems to chronicle a young man that is learning to love the outdoors. I assume this is your son. What have been the keys for you as a father to introducing and sustaining his interest in the outdoors? 

My son Jesse start fishing with me when he was able to walk. The most important thing to keep kids interested is to make it fun. Even if the fish aren’t biting. What got him hooked on fishing was two things. The first was in April, I took him bed fishing that day they would hit anything that came in front of them. The heaviest 5 were around 33 pounds. He was hooked for life.

The second thing when he was younger was fishing for school white bass. I would take him to the lake and let him run the trolling motor and chase them all over the lake. He would catch 20 to 30 a trip.

Who are your current pro staff companies? 

I’ve got some great sponsors. Ardent reels and rods. Swagger Tackle, they have the best tungsten weights on the market. T-H Marine, they have everything for boat. Burkes Jigs, they have every color you can think of. Smartbaits have color changing technology. Gambler Lures some of the best creature baits. Connect Scales with Bluetooth technology send the weights of your fish to your phone with GPS location. TRC rod and reel covers, they will even customize them for you. Phenix Lures have the best vibrating jig on the market. Phoenix boats have first flight best boats on the market. American Tackle they have the best bait boxes and a lot of other great stuff. Nine Optics have the best fishing glasses out there.

Thank you Raymond. Will be following your success on Instagram @raymosleyyy.