Angler Profiles

Learn about and from amazing anglers from the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States as well as Eastern Canada.

Get to Know Ontario’s Steve Jordan

We were able to catch up with Ontario angler Steve Jordan. Steve is an avid fisherman who pursues numerous species including bass, walleye, northern pike and muskie. Steve fills us in on where he fishes and who his favorite fishing partner is. He also provides some great perspective on fishing in this modern social media era.

A Walleye Lucas and Dad Will Never Forget

When you think of the best States and Provinces to go walleye fishing, I am guessing that you are like me and Vermont is not one of your first choices. Imagine my surprise when I ran across a guy from Vermont on Instagram with quality walleye pics. I immediately concluded Kyle Richardson was spending a lot of time crossing the border and going on fly-in trips to Canada’s best trophy walleye waters. Well, I evidently was wrong. This guy is catching these big walleye from 2 Vermont fisheries. And Kyle spends a lot of time filling us in on how to walleye fish The Green Mountain State. He also gives a great story about his most memorable catch. Read to the end to hear this amazing fish story.

Talking VA Fishing with Isaac Jones

I am fascinated by Smith Mountain Lake. I have never fished it but know people who have with mixed success. So when I saw Isaac Jones consistently catches big bass there, I thought I would throw some questions at him about the Lake as well as other aspects of his fishing. This young angler has a lot of great fishing knowledge already and high goals for his future tournament fishing. Read on to learn more about this Virginia angler.

Interview with Connecticut Angler Daniel Petricone

Daniel Petricone is a young angler who fishes Connecticut waters. For a young man, he has already an accomplished fisherman both recreational and tournament fishing. We talk about his best tournament this year, his top Connecticut waters and his favorite Maine lake. Daniel is a great example that the future of fishing is bright. Read on to see what I mean.

Chasing Ontario Steelhead with Dave Naluz

Dave Naluz is an avid trout angler in Ontario. After talking with him, it became obvious he has a real passion for steelhead fishing. Dave is kind enough to discuss his steelhead fishing with us. He talks about the equipment he uses for chasing big fish with a Centerpin rod and reel. Lots of good stuff here. So, keep reading to learn all about Dave…

Fishing Interview with the SurfingFireman

One of the things I love most about doing this blog is that I meet so many cool people. Mike Sutton is no exception. Mike is a firefighter and has a love of surfing. His handle @surfingfireman made me intrigued by this guy who posts so many great fishing pics from Ontraio on his Instagram page. Then when I looked closer, I noticed he fishes from a standup paddleboard. I was very excited when he agreed to do the interview as I just knew I would learn a lot. His interview does not disappoint in getting an introduction into paddleboard fishing. We also sneak in some discussion of Ontario’s fishing travel destination, Lake Wabatong.

Talking Fishing with Ontario Angler James Edstrom

I really appreciate James Edstrom for taking some time to do this interview. I was really excited to talk to him about his Ontario float and fly fishing. His Instagram page is a testament to his success. What I wasn’t expecting was his answer to his most proud angler moment. It is such a moving answer and shows the depth of this fine Ontario angler. So read on to discover that answer as well as learn about his fishing pursuits.

Interview with Ontario’s Bapsie

I was searching Instagram one night and saw some big muskie pics from a dude with a very cool beard. A bit more investigation and I found out that Russell Bapst is a consistently successful muskie angler. He also holds his own for other species, like steelhead, that swim his local waters in the Toronto and Kawartha’s regions. He took some time to fill us in on his beard and more importantly his fishing. Here is what he had to say…

Learning about Fishing and Wrestling with Shawn Daye-Finley

Shawn Daye-Finley is a successful fisherman and Canadian wrestler. We had a chance to discuss both sport passions with him. As far as the fishing, he provides a ton of great advice for fishing Quebec’s legendary Miramichi River. We also discuss some general salmon fishing concepts along with his wrestling career.

Talking Fishing and Sponsorships with Mike Mueller

It is not often to have the honor to speak with someone who has appeared on the cover of Bassmaster Magazine. So, I was really happy when Mike Mueller agreed to do the interview. Not only do we talk about Mike’s fishing but he breaks down his success with getting sponsorships, which is great advice for all those seeking these type of opportunities.