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Angler Profile: Ontario’s Emily Head

Emily Head Loves Fishing

There are times on social media when I am scouting for people to interview that I come across someone who instantly piques my interest. They are not always the ones with long lists of sponsors or fishing pro circuits but sometimes it is just because I can tell that they love fishing. Emily Head is one of those anglers whose smile in every photo displays her passion for the sport. So, it was my privilege to get to know this young angler and learn about her enthusiasm for fishing.

At 22, your Instagram account shows you are already quite an accomplished angler. Where does your passion fishing come from?

Honestly I still think it’s crazy, the whole Instagram thing. I wasn’t a big social media person. A friend of mine convinced me to start an Instagram a year or two ago. I never knew what I loved to do would blow up so fast.

My whole life I have raced motocross at a high level and have a ton of outdoor hobbies. When I was young I would always bring a rod to the races and camping. And when I got a little older, I had money to blow on rods and tackle…so here I am now!

Which fish is your favorite to fish for?

I would say largemouth but the past year I’ve started fly fishing. So now I can go after my all time favourite species better, brookies. But when it comes to it overall catching, bass is my thing.

Emily Head's Personal Best Largemouth

Emily Head’s Personal Best Largemouth

What is your personal best largemouth bass?

I would say the around 7lb largemouth I got later in the summer. I was fishing in a small lake with crankbaits from a canoe. I hooked her and there was zero fight until I got her in vision. My stomach went to throat. As soon as I grabbed her, the hook popped out in my hand. I started crying and freaking out. It was just so surreal.

What do you consider your home waters?

I would say Lake Scugog. It is really close to where I live, and it’s an awesome fishery. I have had multiple days that have had produced beautiful 4 to 5 pounders steady. However that lake can turn right off so I like the challenge. I volunteer with the Lake Scugog Stewards and we are currently in the middle of a project to help with the water quality. So I definitely have a vested interest.

What is your idea of the perfect fishing day?

That’s a hard one, I would say wake up early, launch the boat with some leftover spaghetti for lunch and slay. No wind but rain is okay.

What are three areas that you are super confident about in your fishing?

For those who know me, they will probably laugh, I would say my solo missions and my commitment. I put SO much time in. I know tons and tons of people that know everything but I try to fish everyday, even if it’s for 10 minutes and I think that this is the root of my success. I fish alone 90% of the time and have ruined countless phones getting caught in some questionable situations. I am a huge newbie in this industry and don’t know a ton. So I have no choice but to put time in.

What are three areas that you are working on in 2017?

My fly game is #1, I’ve started tying as well so that should help me. I am also working on my trout game. So stay tuned to see what I can get.

Who are your favorite fishing partners?

Like I said I fish alone a lot but I would say anyone I can find, old young, boy or girl. I find joy in taking someone who has never gone and show them how fun the fishing world is. I personally get nervous talking to other anglers who know so much and use every big word they can. So it’s fun to show people it doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated for a good time.

If you could fish anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I watched river monsters in Thailand on Discovery and decided that day to book a ticket to go, my poor mother. So that was my first international fishing trip. Like I said I’m newly obsessed with trout so I would say fly fishing out west or in New Zealand.

I told you she is cool. To learn more about Emily, be sure to follow her on Instagram @emmm72.