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Angler Profile: Nate Anderson

Nate Anderson Loves New Jersey Fishing
Nate Anderson Loves New Jersey Fishing

Nate Anderson’s Instagram profile caught my attention with some really nice looking underspins that he makes. In this interview, we learn about the keys to a good underspin and more about Nate’s New Jersey fishing.

How long have you been fishing?

I have been fishing since I was just a couple of years old. I remember ice fishing with my parents on black ice, pretty scary at 5 years old! I also remember fishing with my grandpa, he took me trout fishing and I got two treble hooks caught in his shoe lace, he was not amused.

How long have you been making underspins?

I have only been making underspins for a year at this point. I needed a new winter hobby, and I found a nice mold online, Do it Molds. I thought it would be fun to try and to be able to use different components to tailor them to my liking.

One of my reasons that I started was because I wanted a stout hook on a finesse underspin. I like throwing 3/16 oz around rocks because they don’t snag as much but I hated the light wire hooks they would come with. I decided to put a premium 1x hook on most of the underspins, and I think they turned out pretty good.

Another key part of the underspin is the swivel. If you want the blade to spin at slow speeds a quality ball bearing swivel is a must.

I don’t think the paint makes a huge difference but I will admit it is my favorite part. It allows me to mess around with different combinations and be creative.

Since you make them, I have to assume you like fishing them. When and why does the underspin excel on the waters you fish in New Jersey?

I certainly do! I started throwing underspins like two years ago. If fish are actively chasing herring I like the underspin because the bait “stands out” from the 1000’s of other baitfish in the water.

I also like fishing them on points with chunk rock or rip rap. The lighter underspins don’t sink like rocks. This allows you to maintain good bottom contact while not get snagged every cast.

Beside underspins, what are your other favorite baits to throw?

I think I go through my phases just like everyone else but I have been in love with the Neko rig lately. I don’t think fish have seen too much of that presentation and it has produced some nice fish for me.

Fishing in New Jersey forces you to use finesse techniques so I definitely enjoy light line and a spinning rod. If I could get away throwing a jig all day, I certainly wouldn’t complain though!

I saw you have fished Spruce Run Reservoir. How do you describe the bass fishing on this body of water?

Spruce Run is a great body of water. It allows you to do a few different things. If you want to fish rock you can, if you want to fish flooded bushes you can do that as well when the water level cooperates. It also has hybrid bass. They are a real treat to catch.

Nate with a New Jersey Smallmouth Bass

Nate with a Nice New Jersey Smallmouth Bass

Beyond Spruce Run, what are your favorite places to smallmouth bass fish in New Jersey?

Round Valley, Merrill Creek, Lake Hopatcong to name a few.

Beyond Spruce Run, what are your favorite places to largemouth bass fish in New Jersey?

Round Valley, Merrill Creek, Lake Hopatcong to name a few.

What are your favorite baits and presentations for catching largemouth/ smallmouth bass on these waters?

I guess what I want and what they want are two separate things! If I had it my way I would throw cranks and jigs all day but it seems like my best producers are more finesse style baits such as small swimbaits, finesse worms, and drop shotting. Weather and seasons play a big role in bait selection but you can always catch fish on finesse baits/presentations. I don’t know if you can say the same for the “power fishing” approach.

To see Nate’s underspin making as well as the largemouth and smallmouth bass he catches, check out his Instagram @__nate_a_.