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Angler Profile: Max Soistmann

Max Soistmann Fishing out of His Vibe SeaGhost
Max Soistmann Fishing out of His Vibe SeaGhost

Max Soistmann is a Virginia angler. We talk about his favorite Virginia bass fishing spots and techniques.

What are you favorite largemouth bass Virginia waters to fish from your kayak?

For the most part I fish several small reservoirs and creeks in my home local waters around Yorktown, Newport News and Williamsburg, Virginia. My favorite large body of freshwater near me is the Chickahominy lake and river which feeds into the James river. Most bodies of freshwater near me are mostly secluded quiet areas that allow me to get away from busier areas and little amounts of pressure.

What are you favorite baits/presentations on these waters for largemouth?

Freshwater lakes in my home area loaded down with hydrilla grass and cypress trees. To be successful one must be well versed in the art of fishing heavy tackle in grass. During late spring/early summer I will always have a natural bream colored swim jig, a top water frog, a Texas rigged craw pattern and a finesse jig tied on ready to go.

If I am not producing fish on these patterns, I am likely to being scrambling through my tackle looking for finesse plastics that will entice a lethargic fish to bit. The key is to cycle through grass fishing baits till you find which section of the water column the bass are in.

How often are you fishing kayak tournaments?

I don’t fish tournaments as often as I’d like to but when I do I give them my all. The competition aspect is motivating and exciting but the greatest part is standing around talking with a large group of guys who have the same passion and hobby as I do.

What are your future fishing goals?

I’d like to fish as many tournaments as I can but for the most part I’d like to explore different bodies of water up and down the east coast.

I have to ask. What is your reaction when an otter eats an expensive jerkbait?

When the line snapped and I saw a furry little creature swimming away with a perch Megabass Vision Oneten, I was more shocked then upset. A few minutes later I realized how much that otter had just cost me; then I was a bit upset.

What is OakTree Outfitters Team?

OakTree Outfitters is a kayak and kayak accessories store located in Gloucester Virginia. The Team is a small group of dedicated kayak anglers that promote the products that the store sells. We are available so that you anyone can ask questions and get friendly answers.

Thanks Max. Will be following on Instagram @bassmastermax.

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