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Angler Profile: Kate Dattilo

Kate Dattilo with a Beautiful Largemouth Bass and Her Quantum Gear
Kate Dattilo with a Beautiful Largemouth Bass and Her Quantum Gear

Kate Dattilo is an outstanding angler with many accomplishments in her young career. I am grateful that Kate took some time to answer a few questions about her bass fishing and her perspectives on the sport.

It is obvious that you have a lot of love and passion for the sport. What got you started into fishing?

Growing up my family always had a bass boat and most of our vacations throughout the year were based around fishing. We fished all of New England as well as some Florida lakes.

As I got older I found that I really loved to fish, and I wanted to experience the sport at a different level. I fished a couple local tournaments and it was all over…haha! I love the competition but learning from other anglers for me has been most important.

Who have been and continue to be your biggest influences in fishing?

Biggest influence in fishing is tough…There are so many great anglers in the industry. I’ve been privileged to have met and fished with some awesome people over the years. My dad has always been top on my list because without his love and passion for the sport I wouldn’t be where I am currently.

What advice do you have for other women who want to enter into competitive fishing?

Positive mental attitude…and don’t take no shit from anyone!

In all seriousness it’s nice seeing more women getting involved. Most tournaments I’m the only gal. In the beginning I’d ask myself if I belonged and somewhat felt out of place. If you love fishing then fish! Don’t ever let anyone stop you from doing the things you love. You just have to stay confident and own your world.

How much do you think social media has helped women break into competitive fishing and the industry?

Social media can make or break. I see some posts from other girls that can hurt us ladies and that’s why some people don’t take us seriously. However Social media has 1000% helped me in the industry. I’ve made a ton of business connections as well as new friends! I love expressing myself and connecting with everybody. I try to be different with my posts and put an artistic swing on things.

Who are your sponsors?

I am currently working with:

  • Tackle Supply Depot
  • Fishidy
  • Quantum Rod-Reels
  • Hi-Seas Fishing Line
  • 6th Sense Lures
  • Bass Mafia Outdoors
  • Xtratuf
  • Stormr
  • G2 Gemini Jerseys
  • Delmar Electric
  • Amphibia Eyegear

What are the keys for you to being successful obtaining and keeping sponsors?

If you compose yourself professionally on and off the water you can make a huge impression. Fishing tournaments and proving yourself in those tournaments is huge however the ability to sell product is most important.

Being knowledgeable about product whether it’s rain gear, lures, rods/reels is desirable. You could be the best tournament angler out there but if you don’t have the ability to push product for your sponsors you are at a disadvantage.

Kate with an Impressive Smallmouth Bass

Kate with an Impressive Smallmouth Bass

Your Instagram is filled with impressive catches. What are your favorite lakes/rivers to fish in the Northeast and what makes each so special to you?

I love Candlewood Lake here in Connecticut. Candlewood has the ability to turn you from a hero to a zero. This is a humbling place but like I said if you put your time in you are rewarded!

Lake Winnipesaukee holds a special place in my heart and that’s probably where I fell in love with smallmouth. Growing up we Stayed in Gilford, New Hampshire at a small place called Silver Sands. Lake Winnipesaukee takes the lead for favorites places.

Lake Champlain is high on my list although I don’t get to fish it often.

What are your future goals for fishing?

I get asked this question quite often and I never know how to answer it. I’m taking this day by day and whatever path I’m lead to I’m going for it.

I did just got back from South Carolina fishing WINYAH Bay for the Bassmaster Eastern Regional and making another state team would be awesome! I had an incredible time.

With that being said i think most important right now is time on the water. NOTHING replaces that and the only way to get better is to put the work in.

Thank you Kate for all that you are doing for the sport of fishing. Kate can be followed on Instagram @kaitlynfishing.