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Angler Profile: Justin Beckett

Justin Beckett with Two Huge Ontario Smallies
Justin Beckett with Two Huge Ontario Smallies

I am very excited to do this Angler Profile on Ontario’s Justin Beckett. I have followed Justin for a long time on Instagram, and he is quite the angler. Justin shares with us all about his bass fishing.

I have wanted to interview you for awhile because you catch such impressive fish. When did the fishing passion start?

My fishing passion started when I was really young. I started fishing when I was like 2 years old while camping. I was on a dock with my parents catching small fish.

I always wanted to go fishing and complained to my parents to keep taking me. As I grew up and was old enough to be alone I started going down to the creek by my house for salmon and trout. I was there sun up to sun down and my dad would come find me and bring me food and drinks and to see if I was still ok.

I’ve always loved bass fishing. But it wasn’t till high school though when I meet Steve Patenaude that I started learning more and more. In grade 9 going into summer, I remember he asked me to his cottage and how pumped he was to fish. I remember him saying “man I can’t wait to go fishing…you wanna come up, but by the way I stay out there all day is that ok…” My answer of course was “Yes!”

And that set fuel to the fire let’s say. Ever since then we went up every weekend or week we could. Fished sun up to sun down. Rain or shine. If storming we watched fishing videos and went over our tackle.

When did you start tournament fishing?

I started tournaments at around 16. Me and Steve entered a big fish tournament at a local resort. We paid the night before. I got a 5 pound largie and he got a 5 pound smallie. We stayed out in a crazy storm then went to weigh the fish. We didn’t know they canceled the day because of the weather. But then we entered one year later and didn’t to so bad for fishing with a 25 hp. Now the list of tournaments fished goes on and on.

I love the competition and rush that blastoff gives you. The drive to get the biggest bag you can in a day. I’ve meet some great people through tournaments.

I must say to young anglers starting don’t be afraid to fish against the big guys. Trust your fishing. Don’t be afraid to get pounded on.

How was the 2017 tournament fishing season for you?

The 2017 season was great. I started my tournament season off with Fish 4 Charity. It’s a tournament that raises money for cancer. I had a amazing fishing partner last year, my girlfriend Kaleigh! And let’s say she out fished me a few days! That opening day was her first tourney and we got 6th. She loved it and kept fishing all season with me!

Justin Beckett and His Dad Tournament Fishing

Justin and His Dad Tournament Fishing

What events are you looking forward to most in 2018?

In 2018 I’m looking forward to the Fish 4 Charity tournament again. It is a great tournament for a great cause! I will be doing other tournaments based around my work schedule and weekends I’m not busy.

What is your favorite tournament water to fish?

My favourite tournament water must be Lake Scugog and Rice lake. Mostly because they are home lakes.

What is your nemesis tournament water to fish?

Love hate relationship with Rice lake actually. Some days are good. Some are bad. I think it’s cause I know too many spots and just run around way to much.

You are in a tournament and have to get one big bite. What is your confident big largemouth bass bait?

Flipping a jig, I’m not much of a largemouth guy anymore but if I have to, then I’d just go flipping docks with it.

How about if it is a tournament where you need a big smallmouth? Which bait?

This one is a secret! Just because I’m a smallmouth guy and I’ve found 2 baits actually that are my go-to for big bites.

How about when you just want to fish for fun?

For fun has to be Lake Simcoe!! Giants live there and I’ve beat my personal best twice in 1 day on back to back casts!

Who are your sponsors?

First I’d like to thank all my sponsors including my parents for helping me out, probably my biggest sponsor, and my girlfriend Kaleigh! She puts up with me and fishing…the early mornings and late nights!

My sponsors are:
Eco pro tungsten
Th marine
Xzone lures
Imperium Baits

These guys have the best products and all of them have helped me get to who I am today. I appreciate them so much!

Take a look at all of Justin’s catches on Instagram @justin_b101.