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Angler Profile: Jimmy Bonneville

Jimmy Bonneville Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Jimmy Bonneville Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Jimmy Bonneville won one of the biggest tournaments in Quebec, the Super Challenge Ecotone, back in 2015. In this Dock Talk 365 interview, we get to know Jimmy and catch up about his current tournament fishing.

First of all, lets start with the bold statement you make on Instagram. “I have the best wife.” What makes her the best wife, especially from a fisherman’s perspective?

Every tournament angler needs a lot of time for pratice. I work as a welder during the week and fish the rest of the time. She supports me on everything. She likes fishing, and she is a huntress so we live our passions together. What more could you want?

How was your 2017 tournament bass fishing season?

My 2017 tournament season was really tough. I was fishing with a friend who was doing his first fishing trail so all the pressure was on my shoulder. But through this we had some fun, and we had a 4th place finish at the first event of the year on Lake Memphremagog. Season 2017 is now in the past, and I’m ready for 2018.

You seem to like St. Croix rods. Are you exclusively using St. Croix rods?

I have been pro staff for St. Croix since 2015. I am only using St. Croix rods. I tried many of their models but my first choice is the Avid X. All the rods are handcrafted with the best graphite so they make them really sensitive. St. Croix makes only rods, and they put a lot of money into research and technology.

One bait that you have on your Instagram feed that we have discussed on this site is the Gajo Baits Swim Shad. What do you like about it?

Yeah, I really like the Gajo swimbait. They are very soft, and they have good action. I am not the only one that likes these swimbaits, bass like them too. I like to fish swimbaits for smallmouth because you can cover a lot of water.

What is your favorite smallmouth bass lake or river?

My Favorite body of water for smallmouth is St. Lawrence River. If you have never fished there, you should. This river holds monsters.

If you could use only two baits and presentations on this body of water for smallmouth, what would they be?

If I could use only 2 presentations, my first one would be a drop shot setup with Gajo Baits Spirit Shad for deep structure. For shallow water I like to use the Duel Hardcore Jerkbait Minnow Flat in Ayu color.

What tournament events in 2018 are you most looking forward to fishing?

Every year we have a big tournament here in Québec “Super Challenge Ecotone”. That’s the most exciting tournament. Last year we had like 200 boats for this event. I won this tournament in 2015…that was the best day of my fishing career so far. In 2018, I have decided to fish less tournaments to focus on this event. I will surely do some open tournaments with my wife to introduce her to the bass tournament world.

Who are your current sponsors and pro staff companies?

I’m so lucky to be pro staff of in my opinion the best companies. I will take time to thank them all because without them, none of what I do is possible. I’m so glad to be with: Ecotone, St. Croix Rods, Yo-Zuri, Duel Hardcore, Gajo Baits, Amphibia, Woo Tungsten, FIVE Bass Fishing, and Batteries Expert.

Thank you Jimmy! Good luck at this year’s Super Challenge Ecotone and the rest of your tournament and recreational fishing in 2018. Will be following on Instagram @j.bonneville._.