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Angler Profile: Evan Cloutier

Evan Cloutier with a Florida Peacock Bass
Evan Cloutier with a Florida Peacock Bass

Today we talk with Connecticut’s Evan Cloutier. Evan loves fishing around his home State as well as throughout the Northeast. He also recently took a trip to Florida for Peacock bass. We start this interview with Evan with that trip to Florida.

I want to start down south on your trip to Florida. What was it like fishing for Peacock bass?

Peacock’s have always been on my bucket list. Finally getting the chance to fish for them was a unique and satisfying experience. Mostly I threw little jerkbaits and crankbaits. When I hooked my first one under a bridge, I knew it was a peacock before I saw it. The fight puts almost every other freshwater fish to shame.

How was the largemouth fishing when you were down there?

The largemouth fishing in Florida was good despite a massive cold front. They were mixed in with the peacock bass throughout the Broward County canal system. I managed one big girl at 4 pounds 13 ounces and saw several bigger.

Coming back home, how long have you been fishing?

I started fishing 20 years ago in a small pond at summer camp. The most enjoyable part of fishing to me is feeling a fish inhale my bait or put slack in my line. As unusual as it may sound, it’s the bite, not the fight, that keeps me going. Each fish excites me like the first.

Evan Cloutier with Two Lake Candlewood Smallmouth Bass

Evan Cloutier with Two Lake Candlewood Smallmouth Bass

I know you fish Candlewood Lake some. How often do you fish this lake?

I fish Candlewood only a handful of times per season. It’s about 2 hrs from me, but it’s an amazing and diverse fishery. Fish your favorite technique and you will likely get on some sort of pattern. At 5,000 acres, it’s the biggest lake in Connecticut and has some slab largemouth and smallmouth.

What do you consider your favorite Connecticut largemouth bass fisheries?

My favorite 2 largemouth lakes in Connecticut are Congamond and Highland. Both have big fish and produce good numbers. Both bodies also provide the opportunity to fish for bass in deeper water, a personal preference of mine.

Which do you like better smallmouth or largemouth fishing?

I prefer smallmouth fishing over largemouth by the slimmest of margins. They just seem to have more stamina.

Where do you like fishing in Connecticut for smallmouth bass?

My favorite 2 smallmouth lakes are Highland and Candlewood. Both bodies have great deep rock and other structure. And both bodies can have a phenomenal spring bite.

Evan Cloutier with a Pair of Nice Largemouth

Evan Cloutier with a Pair of Nice Largemouth

I know you fish in other places in the northeast. What do you consider some of your favorite out of state waters to bass fish?

My favorite out of state waters are Winnipesaukee (NH) and Mahopac (NY). Winni for the bed fishing, and Maho for its ridiculous numbers of fish.

Where is one place that you have never bass fished that is on your bucket list?

LAKE LANIER! I’m dying to fish deep water for giant spotted bass.

Thanks Evan. Will be following on Instagram @ecloutier21.