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Angler Profile: Eric Fung

Eric Fung with Some Impressive Ontario Largemouth Bass
Eric Fung with Some Impressive Ontario Largemouth Bass

We talk to Eric Fung about his Ontario fishing. Eric is an extremely talented multi-species angler. Eric shares with us some of the places he loves to fish as well as discusses his techniques for fishing frogs in Ontario.

You are truly a well rounded multi-species angler. How do you feel fishing for lots of different species with success helps you when you are focused on bass?

For example timing and location of panfish spawn cycles help me dial in on bass cycles as well since they share roughly the same habitat. Understanding the action of different line weights in the water when river fishing helps with choosing the right line for bass fishing.

What were your 2017 bass season highlights?

Opener with a 12yr old visitor from Vietnam who never seen a bass before. Landed 30 over 3 pounds that day and he got a 4 pound plus. Guiding kids and people who seldom fish is a riot.

What are some of your favorite Ontario waters to catch largemouth bass?

Scugog for abundance but any Kawarthas for abundance and scenery.

How about for smallmouth?

Kawarthas again for abundance and scenery.

Which spot is your first stop as soon as bass season opens in Ontario?

Undecided…too many fish not enough time. Simcoe or Kawarthas are equally great. Would love to fish Georgian Bay side.

Eric with Big Smallies

Eric with Big Smallies

If you could only fish for largemouth or smallmouth, which would you pick and why?

Smallies for the fight.

What are your personal best largemouth and smallmouth bass?

4.5lb largemouth flipping cane, 4.25lb smallie jigging deep structure, got a 17lb bag in the same spot that day.

I can tell you enjoy frog fishing. What frogs do you enjoy throwing?

The Spro Bronzeeye 65 models are my favorite, they cover a ton of water and gets to hard to reach places.

What is your favorite rod/reel/line setup for fishing frogs?

Honestly this is one technique where no special setup is required. The lure and bite are both visual so no sensitivity is required. At least 7ft med heavy with at least 30lb braid and a sturdy baitcaster. However I run a Gloomis GLX 7’3″ heavy ex fast with a Daiwa Steez and 40lb test Daiwa Jbraid which covers many of my bass fishing needs.

Thank you Eric!

Eric is on Instagram @efish__.