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Angler Profile: Edward Lesinsky

Edward Lesinsky Bass Fishing

We talk to Edward Lesinsky about his New York and tournament bass fishing in this interview. We also discuss his commitment to giving back to his fellow veterans.

Where are you from and how long have you been fishing?

Born in Connecticut, raised in Florida, live in NY. Lived in 7 different states in between FL and NY while in military. I have been fishing as long as I can remember, but got hooked on bass fishing in Middle School. Southwest Florida was a great place to grow up if you liked fishing.

You fish FLW events. What do you love about tournament fishing?

Just came back from Smith Lake Dam, Jasper, Alabama. BFL Choo Choo division event. I am a co-angler this year but will be a boater next year. Tournament fishing is great, I love fishing different lakes, seeing all the different techniques that are used, meeting new anglers from all over and forging lasting friendships. Competition is great, because it makes fishing, which is great by itself, even more exciting. Met great people while doing tourneys.

You outiftted your Toyota 4Runner to save some money on hotel expenses for tournament fishing. What did you do to set things up to get a good night sleep when on the road for tournament fishing?

I have a SUV air mattress that fits perfect in the back and let’s me stretch out completely. X large – 20 below sleeping bag, comforter, 3 pillows, custom screens for windows so I can roll windows down when hot, fan with led light, cooler….and I’m sleeping like a baby.

Tournament fishing is not cheap. What other things do you do to save some money that you would recommend to other tournament anglers?

Get sponsors. Thankful mine help me with cash and products, but food at a grocery store and bring it with you…eating out costs, don’t be careless with equipment, make sure you fill out all warranty cards and such regarding equipment, and clean and organize things so they are kept in proper order and good condition.

Edward Lesinsky Tournament Bass FishingWhat have been your favorite tournaments to fish so far?

Potomac River so far has been my favorite, simply because it’s my style of fishing. I like shallow water fishing, and it’s a great fishery.

Stepping away from tournament fishing for a moment, what are your favorite “home” waters to fish?

Favorite home water to fish now is Lake George, New York, because it’s a great little getaway for family, good fishing and kinda close. Growing up in Florida it was the Big O. Grew up 20 minutes from it. Big O had big bass, big gators, and great wildlife.

What are your favorite 3 methods to fish for bass?

I like heavy grass fishing, lay downs, and frogging. Basically I like fishing in slop and messes because that’s where the big bass are!

One of your recent posts invited veterans to fish for you. Why is it important to you to provide the opportunity to veterans to go for a day of fishing?

I served 20 years in military so they are my brothers and sisters, most comfortable to be around, and in general good people who fought for our rights. So my fav people to be around.

Thank you Edward. Thank you for the information as well as your service to our Country and your service to your fellow veterans.