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Angler Profile: Darrell Borrero Jr.

Darrell Borrero Jr Hawaii Bass Fishing

I was super excited when Darrell Borrero agreed to do this interview. This is our first Dock Talk 365 interview with a bass angler from Hawaii. Great info about Hawaii largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing. Enjoy.

How long have you been fishing?

Like most I started fishing from going with my dad at the age of 3. I can remember that all I had was a Mickey Mouse Zebco push button combo and dragged Texas rigged ribbon tail worms behind our little aluminum boat.

Is bass fishing available on all the islands? 

I live on the island of Kauai. There’s only freshwater fishing on Kauai and Oahu. I say the fishing is just as good on both island. The only difference is there’s only one lake on Oahu and like 30 here on Kauai. 

How big do largemouth and smallmouth bass get on the islands? 

The state record for largemouth here is 9 1/2 pounds, smallmouth is 4 1/2 and peacock is almost 10. My personal bests are 7 pound largemouth, 4 pound smallmouth and 5 pound peacock.

How much pressure do the bass waters in Hawaii get?

The hard thing about bass fishing in Hawaii is everything is private besides the 2 public lakes and a few secret spots. I’m truly blessed to have good friends like Boyd Gayagas who allow me to fish in some of the top ponds in Hawaii.

The late 80’s and 90’s bass fishing was huge then slowed down when everything went private. But now with all the YouTube bass guys, bass fishing has become a huge hobby again here.

What do you consider your favorite place to fish for Hawaii bass that isn’t a secret? 

Most of my favorite places are secret but one of my favorites is Papuaa Reservoir because it’s such a hard place to figure out. You can go there one day and catch 30 and the next 5.  I love the challenge of figuring what they want to bite.

What are your favorite baits and presentations for Hawaii largemouth bass? 

My favorite soft plastics are the ones I make myself #hawaiianpunchplastics and you gotta love a Whopper Plopper and pitching jigs. I usually base what I’m throwing with the conditions of the day.

Darrell Borrero with a Hawaii Creek Smallmouth Bass

What are your favorite baits and presentations for Hawaii smallmouth bass? 

For smallmouth I love creature baits, tubes and topwater. The smallmouth here are primarily in streams and super aggressive on topwater.

I see some Peacock bass in your photos as well. Are Peacocks in the same places as largemouth bass? 

Peacock bass here are in some but not all or the lakes and ponds. Best time to catch them are when there spawning.

If someone is coming to Hawaii for vacation but wants to include some bass fishing, what 5 pieces of advice do you have for them? Why are each of these pieces of advice important?

The five most important for visitors are:

  1. Make sure you are on an island with bass.
  2. Make sure you have a local to take you or that you know there’s only one public place on each island.
  3. There’s a freshwater tour on Kauai that takes you to a private pond.
  4. 90% of every stream on Kauai has fish in it.
  5. Have fun fishing and explore there’s no predators here to worry about. No snakes, bears, mountain lions…just a bunch of wild chickens…haha.

Thank you Darrell. Will be following on Instagram @makoaboy1.