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Angler Profile: Cam Blossom

Cam Blossom with Some Nice Vermont Largemouth Bass
Cam Blossom with Some Nice Vermont Largemouth Bass

In this interview, we talk with Cam Blossom. Cam is a talented angler from the State of Vermont. Cam talks to us about the people he loves to fish with and his favorite places to fish. There is some great information on some great places to fish in this interview.

I know from your posts that you love fishing with your dad. You have said it is always fun and always making memories. What do you mean by that when out on a day on the water?

Well I find anytime on the water I’m enjoying myself. But when I’m with my father we are usually having a ball. He’s been my fishing partner since day one. We bounce fishing ideas off each other always trying to improve, cracking jokes with one another, and exploring new waters to fish together.

Memories are made on the water I believe anytime you go out fishing. I like to try to take away something from every trip good or bad. I’ve had my fair share of both with my dad whether it’s good, like when we are both putting the smack down on some bass or it can be as simple as sharing a beautiful Lake Champlain sunset.

Then there’s times of breaking down on the water and being far enough from the launch where it’s going to take us all day to get back. We’ve been there a few times! Then there’s getting are butts beat at a tournament. At the time I’d call these bad or not great days but looking back at them all I can do is smile. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

If there was a third person in the boat, what would they observe about your time with your dad?

If there was a third person in the boat I believe they’d see how my dad and I can read eachother when it comes to bass fishing. Whether it’s one of us thinks it’s time to move, knowing who’s going to throw what lure when searching for what they’re chomping on, or even just who’s going man the boat depending on the body of water or how we’re targeting the bass. So to sum it up I think they’d notice we make a pretty good duo.

What are your earliest memories of bass fishing?

One of my earliest memories of bass fishing that stands out to me would have to be the summer of 2000 when I first started going to Bryan’s Fishing Camp in Connecticut on Lake Candlewood. Bryan’s fishing camp was a camp put on in memory of Bryan Kerchal, “A bass fishing legend”.

I think it was the interaction of hanging out with kids my age who loved to fish or were just getting into it like myself. I’d never really been on a fiberglass boat with a big engine on it before. I remember just seeing all these boat owners lined up to take us kids out and being in a daze of astonishment. I thought they were all so cool and then to go fish Candlewood. Talk about an amazing fishery. Add those two together to a 9 year old and you got bass fishing fever.

Cameron with a Healthy Lake Champlain Largemouth Bass

Cameron with a Healthy Lake Champlain Largemouth Bass

I want to ask you about a couple of bass fishing lakes in Vermont. First of all, Champlain. There is no secret that Champlain is a great bass fishery. What is your favorite section of the lake to fish?

What’s my favorite part of Champlain? Well if you asked me that question 4 years ago it would of definitely been the north end. For the simple fact that I didn’t know the southern end that well. But over the last 4 years I really have tried to focus more on the southern end of the lake.

I’ve broken my personal best in largemouth and smallmouth on the southern end of lake Champlain. Also by focusing on the southern end I’ve learned how much I like flipping jigs, short lining bass is an adrenaline rush. So I’d have to go with the southern end of Champlain as my favorite.

What are your favorite baits to fish on a Champlain trip?

One of my favorite baits to throw on Champlain would be a white willow bladed spinnerbait with a white and gray skirt with a little chartreuse in it. Smallmouth or largemouth will usually inhale this bait for me. Slow rolling over a weed bed or bouncing it off the weeds on a cloudy or rainy day can keep the rod bent on some largemouth. When the winds blowing I love throwing this bait around some rock points for smallmouth.

Another go-to bait would have to be a Green pumpkin tube. No matter if you’re on the northern end or the southern end you can snag a couple with a tube. Throwing a 4 inch tube Texas rigged on the southern end and usually a 3 inch on a jig head on the northern end.

How about Bomoseen Lake? How does this lake compare to the famous Lake Champlain?

Lake Bomoseen is a great fishery with some true Vermont giants in this lake. I remember a tournament I did here a few years back where the guys who won walked off with a 25 pound bag (5 fish most weight). If that doesn’t say enough I don’t know what can.

As far as comparing it to Champlain I’d have to say Bbomoseens is a great lake but it’s no lake Champlain. I think the fish are more aggressive feeding on Champlain and you have so much versatility on Champlain, as far as you can go find and catch fish on whatever your fishing strong points are.

What are your keys to success for largemouth and smallmouth bass on Bomoseen?

I’ve found for me to have a successful day on Bomoseen postspawn whether fishing for largemouth or smallmouth I’m usually fishing anyware from 10 to 25 feet deep. There’s some really nice deep weed edges on this lake. That’s usually where some quality largemouth are hanging out. I’m looking for weed lines anywhere from 10 to 20 feet. Throwing a jig or texas rig worm on these weed lines are the key for me.

When targeting smallmouth on Bomoseen, I’m fishing the sides of humps, islands, and rocky banks. My favorite way to catch smallmouth on this lake would have to be with a crankbait. I like throwing a Norman Lures Deep Little N. A lot of times I’ll catch largemouth cranking out deeper on these humps as well mixed in with the smallmouth.

What are some other Vermont bass fisheries that you like to fish?

One of my favorite lakes to fish in Vermont besides Champlain and Bomoseen is Chitteden Reservoir. Chitteden is stacked up with some beautiful largemouth and smallmouth. I love this lake cause its surrounded mostly by woods and big mountains. The view from this lake is breathtaking. The sheer number of four and five pound largemouth in this lake makes for some epic days on the water as well.

Another body of water I like to fish is Lake Morey. This is a smaller lake but I grew up fishing this body of water. That’s what makes it special to me. Morey holds a healthy amount of smallmouth so you can usually count on catching a good number of bass when on Morey.

What are your personal best smallmouth and largemouth bass?

My personal best largemouth was caught on the southern end of Champlain. It was the middle of July. The ol’ girl weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and I caught it on a half ounce Hack Attack jig.

It was a calm slick sunny day on Champlain, and I had caught quite a few other quality fish that day. It wasn’t until the end of the day with an hour left on the lake when are paths crossed. All I can think of when looking back on this fish is the tightening sound of my braided line. That noise when you know you have a Mack Truck on the end of your line.

The rush flipping my personal best in the boat was amazing. I definitely took a moment to hoot and holler. Then shortly after let her back into the matted grass where I found her.

My personal smallmouth was also on the southern end of Champlain in late August fishing with my dad. 5 pounds and 35 one hundredths is what this tank weighed. It was a sunny day with a little wind on the lake. We were fishing a steep rocky bank that I had caught some quality largemouth off from the weekend before.

It must of been around noon time when my PB smallie took me for a ride. What a fight! Must have taken me a couple minutes to get her close enough to the boat so my dad could net this fish for me. Caught this fish on a drop shot making short casts to the bank and working it into the deeper water from this steep embankment.

It appears from a number of pics that you have another fishing partner in your life. Who is she? How often does she outfish you?

Like most people who love to fish. you have people in your life you like to share that passion with and one of mine would be my girlfriend Cheryl Poretto. She can always make a day out on the water a little brighter for me. I think watching her fishing skills advance as the years go on is one of my favorite things to see on the water with her. Always asking questions trying to become a better angler. Just to see how much fishing has become part of her day to day life on and off the water is what I value the most with her.

As far as how often she beats me on the water I can’t tell you that information. No just joking, she puts a hurting on me usually 2 or 3 times a year. Sadly I think as the years go on that number might get higher. She’s quite the fisher lady!!

Thank you Cam. Look forward to following you this year on Instagram @cameronb_vt.